• Is Web Copy Cat Scam or Legit?
  • Global Money Line – Worldwide Leads
  • Traffic Hurricane – Traffic Monsoon Clone by Ernest Ganz
  • SEC v Traffic Monsoon – Peggy Hunt Takes Over
  • SEC Shuts Down Traffic Monsoon
web copycat scam

Is Web Copy Cat Scam or Legit?

  There is a lot of scepticism surrounding systems which claim to be Done For You or which claim to require little or no effort to Make Money.  Rightfully so, as most of them do tend to be a load of BS…is Web Copycat any different? In the time I have been online marketing, I have seen many fake Gurus and MANY fake claims. Web Copycat so far has gone…

Global Money Line

Global Money Line – Worldwide Leads

Ever wondered how to get More Leads for Free? I know I have. Paid traffic and email list building is not cheap and getting leads on Social Media can often be a lot of work for little result. What if there was a way of having immediate contact to a list of people – a list that just KEEPS on GROWING with no effort or cost? That’s where Global Money Line…

Traffic Hurricane

Traffic Hurricane – Traffic Monsoon Clone by Ernest Ganz

Well, not long after the dust has settled on the Ponzi scam that was Traffic Monsoon, a loyal Lemming of Charles has decided to follow in his footsteps… According to Sharon James (A supposed top female earner in Traffic Monsoon – in my opinion she is a serial scammer though) – the site is spearheaded by Ernie Ganz and she goes on to say that the recipe is “Tried and Tested”…

Traffic Monsoon Scam

SEC Shuts Down Traffic Monsoon

Less than 2 weeks before the supposed date in which Charles Scoville said members would get their frozen Ad packs restored and the money owed to them, a new drama unfolds… If you haven’t heard the news yet, the SEC (U.S Securities and Exchange Commission) has filed a lawsuit against Traffic Monsoon and Charles Scoville. The SEC claim Traffic Monsoon is a Ponzi. In the past, Charles kept stating it is…

What is Exitus Elite?

Is Exitus Elite a Scam?

  I have recently been hearing a lot about this new Member to Member program called Exitus Elite. After reading some of their claims, it became clear that all is not what it seems… Product: Exitus Elite Website: www.exituselite.com Price: $1000 & $299 per year ‘admin fee’ Owners: Paul Stevenson Rating: 20/100 I must say, I was pitched this by a couple of marketers, and I was initially a little…