Amazing 5 SCAM PROOF!


So today I was looking up some Amazing5 information to further my investigation into the SCAM it is.

I found something VERY interesting…

I made a video, it’s easier that way:

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  1. Lansdale PVT is registered with Companies House – Doughty Phillip Leonard as Director

    Amazing 5 is registered with Companies House – Richard Pardee as Director

    Other than that one snippet you copied into Google – nothing else comes up (I tried !!) – so not sure how you come to the conclusion it is 100% scam?

    Nearly all PTC, HYIP, MLM’s, DS opportunites are categorised as scams until at least a year old !

    Too many people out there quick to label everything new as a Scam! Some even seem to enjoy it setting up Blogs etc !! Don’t get me wrong – there are Scam’s out there and I know of 3 that were gone as quick as appeared !!

    Sometimes in life you just have to take risks 🙂 Alternatively, do your 9-5 job and make your boss rich !!

    1. Hi Lesley,

      I appreciate my research trying to find a link between Landale and Amazing5 was perhaps a little “Hap hazard” for lack of a better phrase. However I think I raised some valid points and questions and I stand by my claims. Questions which a real investment company would not leave unanswered.

      The fact these “Companies” are registered on Companies House (which means nothing) and they throw this around so much, should be a warning – this is a common scam tactic to gain trust.

      Comparing HYIPS/PTC’s/MLM’s is a bit of a broad general sweeping comparison. let’s treat Amazing5 for what it is – a HYIP.

      Amazing5 leave too many unanswered questions for me to believe anything they claim.

      Taking a risk is one thing – putting everything you have into a supposed online investment company with the hope of attaining financial freedom with little or no work is another. Lot’s of people will buy into this, and it is a shame, because Amazing5 will be gone soon, along with many peoples money.



  2. Hi Guys

    Although I don’t think Landale popping up in Jan 2016 proves that Amazing5 from Sept 2015 is a scam (as Mr Daughty could simply be copying and pasting Amazing5).

    However please open your eyes and look at this from another perspective.

    Amazing5 claims to be a UK registered company dealing in Investment Management.

    Investment Management is a REGULATED ACTIVITY in the UK.

    As such an investment company MUST be registered and hence regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

    The $64,000 question should actually be this…

    What is Amazing5’s FCA Registration Number so we can verify them?

    It is easy to spend £20 online and register a UK Company. It is more difficult to get the FCA to approve you!


    1. Bang on Quantum, thanks for your thoughts on this.

      I realised after I did the video of my mistake regarding Landale. However I am still certain it is a scam.

      I too would like to know if the FCA are aware of Amazing5. Well I know they are now because I reported them to the FCA and Action Fraud UK – I talk about it in my other Youtube Video:

      Thanks again for your comment!


  3. Hi Dave,its highly appreciated that you open the public eyes to scammers.You sighted the use of,or lack of a PayPal account as a red/green light? I stand to be corrected if I misunderstood,here is a company claiming to be legit,and it is using PayPal,any comments/reviews on that would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Carole,

      Thanks for your comment and kind words. The use of Paypal does help, because of Paypal’s fairly strict rules as to who they do business with. It is a red light to me if I come across a site accepting Payeer, Payza, Bitcoin and the like but no sign of PayPal – it is usually because these other processors are more relaxed in who they do business with and these sites couldn’t pass Paypals rules.

      The only real exception I suppose are Traffic Exchanges, I understand Paypal wrongly assume they are all scams – such as the case with Traffic Monsoon (Paypal have frozen their funds since 12th Feb for 180 days). However I believe Traffic Monsoon is not a scam, but a legitimate Traffic Exchange caught up in the Paypal sweeping assumption.



  4. Awesome info Dave, well done.

    Here’s my own review with 13 reasons I know Amazing5 is a scam –

    I’m getting more and more aggrevated by the people pushing these ponzi’s and am on the look out for some regulatory body or something so we can stop the fraudsters from carrying on this theft. Would love to know if you come across an organisation in particular.

    At the moment the international crime fighters are trying to put out a massive forest fire, but hopefully countries will come together soon and stamp this stuff out.

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