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Welcome to my review of Domainer Elite by Jamie Lewis.Domainer Elite

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What is Domainer Elite?

Domainer Elite is a course which Jamie Lewis has put together, using his expert knowledge and years of experience in the industry, to teach people how to buy and sell domains for a profit.

Jamie claims it is possible to flip a domain for 5000% profit. While this is indeed possible, it is not as easy as just buying the domain and re-selling it, it does take work.

I didn’t know anything about Jamie Lewis until I came across this, after some research it appears Jamie is an extremely successful musician and online marketer. You can find him all over Youtube.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of Domaining, Domainer Elite is a great place to learn. Jamie has put hours of video into a course which explains all of the steps required in order to buy a domain name and then re-sell it for a profit.

A domain name costs roughly $9 to buy, and Jamie claims you can turn this into thousands if you have the right domain name.

Jamie Lewis

Having been in website design and hosting myself, I thought I would give this course a go. I do have some experience in registering domain names, but even if you are completely newto domain names, you can easily learn the basics – and more advanced stuff – from Jamie and his unique happy go lucky teaching style throughout his videos and guides.

Jamie does a great job in explaining every aspect of this journey into domaining. I was certainly not bored watching his videos, and his teaching style is very fun, outgoing and thorough with some great real life examples showing how he has made sales in the past.

It costs only $24.95 to access the Domainer Elite course. There are a number of up sells which Jamie offers if you want that extra help.

Mining Domains has never been so much fun!
Within the Domainer Elite back office you will see a link to the Software system which Jamie has put together. This is a further one time payment of $67 to unlock, and it is well worth it.

The software system uses API to link with domain registrar services, and Jamie has input lots of great keyword combos to make it extremely simple for you to find great domain names which you can re-sell.

He also updates a list of Expired Domains within the software. This is where the real money can be. These are domains which are obtained from Drop lists. A drop list is a list of domains that expire and become available at the market rate – typically $9 depending which registrar you use to register it.

If you want even more help, Jamie gives you the option to use his Assistant service. This costs $297, and for this you are assigned a personal assistant who takes care of finding 5 great domains to sell, and even does the listings for you to sell them.

Since joining Domainer Elite a few weeks back, I have registered close to 30 domain names (it is highly addictive!). I have listed around 15 for sale on Flippa, but as yet I have not sold any, although I have some bids. I will not give up as I know this can take time and effort on my part to get the listings right.

Join the Gold Rush
Listing a domain for sale is a bit like selling a house. There is no real price you can expect, the price is often determined by a number of factors:

1) Is it a .Com? .net or .org are still good, but .com is KING.
2) Does it have keywords in the name?
3) What is the monthly search volume for the words in the domain?
4) How much are other similar domains selling for?
5) Is it easily monetized?

You can find this information in a number of places. Domainer Elite links to Estibot to give you appraisals within his software free of charge, so you don’t need to get an Estibot account. You can also look in the Sedo marketplaces to get an idea of how much similar domains are selling for. This should help you accurately price your domain. Jamie covers how to do all of this in his course.

Jamie also covers other ways to make money from your Domain names if you do not wish to sell them (or are waiting for them to sell). This can include creating a blog to promote affiliate products, CPC, CPA, domain parking etc.

I highly recommend Domainer Elite to people who want to learn Domaining. Jamie is one of the best people in the industry to learn from.

And for only $24.95, you can’t really go wrong. Comments? Drop em below.


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