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Ever wondered how to get More Leads for Free?

I know I have. Paid traffic and email list building is not cheap and getting leads on Social Media can often be a lot of work for little result.

What if there was a way of having immediate contact to a list of people – a list that just KEEPS on GROWING with no effort or cost?

That’s where Global Money Line comes in…


From the moment you Join Global Money Line, every new member who joins afterwards becomes a Lead in your direct Money Line. You then get the opportunity to contact these people. No email addresses are shared, it is all done through an internal messaging system.

We all know the Money is in the List, and like I said, List building ain’t cheap. First you need an Auto-responder account like Aweber, then you need to make a Sales Funnel, and THEN you have to Buy Paid traffic and send it to your funnels. All this comes at a hefty price…

But With Global Money Line – it’s FREE!

I have been a member for little over a day and now have 433 people (and growing…) who I can contact and share what I have to offer.

You can join for FREE and remain a Free member, with a free membership you can contact your Money Line one person at a time.

To become a Bronze member it costs $20 one time. By becoming Bronze, you have the ability to message 20 people at once. Or you can stay a Free member for as long as you wish.

This system is still in BETA, so join now and get in quick before it takes off. This system is great for promoting anything you currently have to offer.  Get more website traffic and more exposure for your business, endless free leads from the moment you join. Every member is another person looking for ways to make money online, just like you and me.

Click Here to Join for FREE Today and try it for yourself! The quicker you join, the bigger your list…

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Hey there, I'm Dave Dixon, and I am the founder of

It is my aim to help others avoid online scams and to learn how to Make Money Online.

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    1. Hi Rick,

      I can#t remember exactly what happened after I signed up, but in the dashboard area, there are a series of steps if you scroll down, and make sure to read the FAQ under the support tab.

      Hope this helps,


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