How to Make a Living with Matched Betting


You may have heard about Matched betting, it has been in the news a few times, read on to find out how you can make upwards of £1,000 per month in TAX FREE profits…

I haven’t really talked about this too much (Google Adsense are not a fan of gambling content), but Matched Betting is something I do daily. And I make good money from it.

What is Matched Betting?

This handy video will explain it better than I could 🙂

In simple terms – it’s a technique used to guarantee a profit from Bookmakers “Free bet” offers, or casino “Free Spins and bonuses”.

All bookmakers advertise certain offers for new customers, and during major sporting events. For example “Bet £20 get a £20 free bet”, or “Wager £50 on a slot and get 50 free spins”.

With the Sports Free Bet offers you guarantee a return by placing both a back bet (bet on a team to win, or an outcome such as correct score), and then you also bet on the other outcome too. With a free bet, this guarantees a profit.

The full process is as follows:

Back a team using your own cash, let’s say £20 on Man United to beat Arsenal. You also bet against this outcome on another Bookmaker site (or an “Exchange”) such as Betfair, or Betdaq. Betting Exchanges allow you to bet against an outcome. So, what you do, is, you “Lay” Man United. This means you bet they do not win – so if they lose, or if it is a draw, that bet wins.

You will make a small loss, called a “Qualifying Loss” of say £1-£2 on your cash bet. But, once that bet is settled, you get your £20 free bet. You repeat the same process, this time making a profit of around £14 – £16.

All this taking less than 20 minutes.

Matched Betting has also been featured in the news…


How Much Can Be Earned with Matched Betting?

This really depends on you. It depends on how much time and effort you put in, like anything, the more you put in, the more you get out.

Here is a snapshot of all my earnings since I started recording my profits:

Matched Betting Profits


As you can see, I have been doing this for 3 years now, and have made £12,847 so far. In the beginning, I was still learning, and I was working a full-time job as well, so I made a lot less than I do now I am my own Boss.

My best month was October 2017, where I earned £1,314.18. That month saw my biggest single win on an offer, of £1,007.

Today is the 2nd of July, and my profits are already exceeding Junes at £596.34. I had an incredible start to the Month so far, but this can fluctuate throughout the Month. June was very volatile in this sense. I was in profit to start, then ran with a loss for a week or two, then back in profit, then another loss, until finally finishing £447 up.

I know of people who are making far more than me, there is a member of the group I belong to (Profit Squad) who made £8,000 in June. Yes, you read that correctly – eight thousand pounds!

Is Matched Betting Risky?

Yes and no. The sports offers which give you free bets, these are RISK FREE. If you follow the proper strategy, you cannot lose money, since you are covering all outcomes.

The risk comes from the more advanced strategies, and also the Casino offers. Casino offers can be massively more profitable than free bet offers, but come with a risk. For example, “Wager £50 and get 50 Free Spins” – this can result in you losing your £50. The Free spins more often than not come with a wagering requirement, say 35x. This means any money you win from the free spins needs wagering 35 times. So if you win £10, you need to turn that over to the value of £350 (35 x 10).

More often than not you will “Bust out”, but by doing hundreds of Casino offers a month (I tend to do over 350), you can make serious money. here is a Big Win I got the other day:

Read below to find out how to get started, I hugely recommend joining a guide site, which holds your hand through the whole process and which also offers phone/email support.

How to Get Started with Matched Betting

You can do matched betting with a starting bank of £50. That’s all it takes to start the first offer. You then snowball the money and re-invest in new offers.

You can do Matched betting all by yourself, but I recommend you don’t. There are websites you can join to learn the ropes, with full video guides and write-ups, ensuring you never make a mistake. Because trust me, mistakes can be costly.

I’ve been a member of Profit Squad for about 3 years now. I find they are the best out there. They have an amazing group and community, I hang out on Discord talking strategy with other members every day. Their daily calendar feeds me offers without me needing to look around myself.

I can not imagine doing Matched Betting without them.

With a Profit Squad membership, you get access to all the tools of the trade, such as an Odds Matcher, Profit Calculator, Profit tracker, daily calendar, and a HUGE list of Sign up offers and advanced offers and strategies.

Click the banner below to check them out, and if you want to test drive their membership, all you need is £1!

profit squad matched betting and casino loopholes

Have any matched betting experience? Want to share your story? Please go ahead and comment below, with any questions or advice for others – Thanks for Reading! 🙂

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