Is Amazing 5 a Scam? Amazing5 Review


Another HYIP has hit the internet – Amazing5.


Amazing5 has been around since October 2015, but has started to recently grow in popularity. Let’s take a close look and find out what makes Amazing5 so Amazing…

Welcome to my Amazing5 Review, where we will be tackling the number one question on my mind –


Is Amazing 5 a Scam?

Name – Amazing5 Limited
CEO – Noah Tucker / Richard Pardee (?)
Website –
Minimum investment – $20

Okay, so I recently joined Amazing5 and put $100 into it. I joined on 13th March 2016.

Today is the 16th, and here is a shot from my back office:

Day 3

What is Amazing5?

The Amazing5 website states it is “an international wealth management company that offers individuals and groups the opportunity to participate in some of the most exciting global investments available.”

Amazing5 is essentially a HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) which offers members the opportunity to share in revenues.

The company makes investments in various markets such as Real Estate, Financial, Tourism, Import/Export, Energy. Future investments are E Currency Exchange Services, Health Information and Product Distribution.

Unlike a lot of the other revenue Share opportunities around such as Traffic Monsoon – Amazing5 is a straight up HYIP. There is no requirement to perform any daily tasks, or surf sites to earn in the revenue sharing. In fact you have to do only two things – make a deposit and choose an investment plan.

Amazing5 should be approached with caution. As with any company offering claims of profit with little or no effort or work, there are risks.

The most important rule when considering entering into any such plan is simple: 


These types of programs have a history of not lasting long and closing down without any notice.

Investment Plans

Amazing5 offer two investment plans:

The Five

With this plan, you will earn a 55% net profit return on your investment. This is paid over 31 business days, which is roughly 43-44 calendar days.

Your balance will only update on business days, and you will be paid 5% each of these days, until 31 business days are reached.

Based on a $100 investment, you should have $155 upon maturity.

Fixed 112

With this plan, you will earn a 12% net profit return on your investment. This is paid over 10 Calendar days. I believe this plan doesn’t pay daily, it pays you in a lump sum at the end of 10 calendar days.

Based on a $100 investment, you should have $112 upon maturity.

Compensation Plan

Amazing5 also offer a generous 3 level compensation plan for referring new members. There are also two grades, Standard and Representative.

To benefit from the Representative Bonus, you have to have deposited and invested $1000 in total – this does not have to be a bulk investment, it can be made up of smaller amounts over time.

Is Amazing 5 a Scam?

There are a few concerns I have when I look at Amazing5:

1 – Incredible claims.
The ROI claims are INSANE. 55% net profit in 44 days?!!! 12% Net profit in 10 days?!!!

2 – The CEO is…who exactly?
Noah Tucker
– but I cannot find ANY information on this man – and when I look Amazing5 up on Companies House, it tells me a Richard Pardee is the Director and Broker. I am unable to find any information on this man either, or his relationship with Noah Tucker.

Companies House

3 – Where are they?
Their address in London (8-9 Talbot CT, London, United Kingdom, EC3V 0BP) seems to house 19 companies. Finding a phone number for Amazing5 is proving difficult. I have requested their contact phone number through their Facebook page, we will see what happens.

4 – Sorry, say that again?
The Privacy Policy is written in broken english. Some of it makes no sense whatsoever. Take a look, I highlighted the worst examples, but it all makes difficult reading if you are well versed in English:


5 – What’s the latest news on the investments?
Although their “Our Story” Page goes into some detail on what the company invests in, there does not appear to be any news relating to their investments, or any financial results.

On the news page, there appear to be a lot of updates about new languages being added to the site. These updates tend to finish with some strange attempts to get more signups, such as:

“If you are still not a participant in our program, then we strongly recommend that you join us right away, as this is potentially a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will allow you to significantly increase your capital. We assure you that nowhere else will you find such a good opportunity to increase your capital several times, even ten times over!”


“Yes, we are young, but we are growing stronger everyday because you have shown your commitment to ensure our continued success. You will soon see that Amazing 5 is not just another fly-by-night investment company that is here today and gone tomorrow but an established and secure place to invest your funds!”

Hmmm. But what is the news on the investments exactly?

6 – Okay so if I want help I click Online Chat at the top?
After clicking “Online Chat”, a popup support ticket request box appears. So, no online chat then…

A5 Contact

7 – Their tagline
“Invest, Diversify, It’s worth the try!” – WTH does “it’s worth the try” mean exactly?!

Worth the Try

8 – The sales video. Wow. Just…wow.
This thing looks knocked up from Fiverr for sure.  A highly Americanized sales video for a UK based company. Right.

 More English fails in one of the slides within the video:Sales Video



Warning – proceed carefully. I suspect Amazing5 may not last long. Scam for SURE.

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Thanks for reading!

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This article has 62 Comments

  1. I use the SCAMANALYZE.COM to get a rating on, it gave a terrible rating. It had an 11 of 100 and here are it’s Reputation Detail.

    Reputation Detail

    Category Details

    Scam Status : Negative

    Confidence Value : 98%

    This site may be a fraudulent site attempting to obtain money or something else of value.

    Potentially illegal Status : Negative
    Confidence Value : 54%

    This site may promote or be involved in potentially illegal activities such as pirated content or giving advice on how to commit burglary.

      1. Just to let everyone know if this company is an “investment” company and if Richard Pardee is a “broker”, they would be registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, as I am. Neither Amazing 5 Limited, Richard Pardee or Noah Tucker, are registered in the UK. Please don’t take my word for it, check yourself at

    1. Hey Lucas, thanks for your comment.

      Sorry to hear that, I hope it wasn’t a lot. I would withdraw what you can when you can, eventually the site will shut down.

      I hope you get your seed money out before this happens.

      All the best,


    2. yes u cant withdraw cos ur money shuld be locked for 31 business days .its written there in their website pls kindly read

      1. You should be able to withdraw once you have over $0.01 actually, it is on the FAQ page.

        I believe Amazing5 are having problems right now, stay tuned for their demise.


  2. Thanks Lucas, for sharing as nobody mention about withdrawal.

    Hope you can get your money back real soon.

    All the best.

    1. Hey Delvin,

      Yeah the withdrawals are almost instant, takes less than 5 minutes to hit my Payza. But it changes nothing unfortunately, so be careful.



    1. Hello Vincent,

      It means it is a fairly popular site. I am not sure what relevance it holds for their reputation however. Or to that matter, the truth as to whether it is a scam.

      Only time will tell I am sure.



  3. WOW!!!

    I’m impressed you are actually trying to get sign ups for traffic monsoon by dissing another company..

    I’m with Traffic Monsoon have been for alost one year (Highly recommend )

    But don’t tie TM & Amazing5 with the same brush… 2 completely different companies..

    I joined Amazing5 less than a month ago, I have been able to withdraw twice (No problems)

    Your bashing a company that is relatively NEW…By the way it’s September not October that it launched…What made you join A5? and invest your money if you feel it’s a scam?? Did you not look into this before joining?? Who cares about the grammar? Who cares there is no info on the founder and broker that’s a good thing isn’t it? No bad background… They have moved office so what and it hasn’t updated on companies house YET who cares? Anyone can speak to Noah on a daily basis.. You talk about online chat again so what they get back to you most of the time within minutes which is my own personal experience… What guarantee’s do you have that TM is going to be around forever? Bearing in mind I know Charles and speak to him often..Don’t bash a company without FACTS… My experience with both TM and A5 have been very good so far…Time will tell on both companies that are completely different from each other….

    1. Hi Sammy, Thanks for your comment.

      I am simply offering a LEGIT alternative to make money online. I also recommend Traffic Monsoon.

      I didn’t compare them at all. One is a HYIP the other is a Traffic Exchange.

      I’m not bashing them, I am expressing an opinion based on information I have uncovered.

      I have SERIOUS concerns that DEMAND answers. If Noah Tucker would like to approach me to answer these concerns, then I would be very happy to speak to him.

      When it launched is IRRELEVANT and changes nothing. Who care if it was a month sooner than I thought.

      I had to put money into A5 to truly understand how it works. This is how I approach any new opportunity online. I put money in and learn it, then I research it. In this case, my research has uncovered several very real concerns.

      No bad history is good for sure, but NO information at all? Fishy. Charles Scoville has a documented online history, this proves he is not fake.

      Whether a company is around forever is completely different to whether a company is a SCAM.

      If Noah Tucker would like to comment here then bring him on down to answer my questions.



      1. I have withdrawn money yesterday but still waiting in my adv cash to be credited and now amazing 5 website is down for last 3-4 hours…

    2. seems amazing 5 was a massive scam as its no longer available and same guy has got exactly the same site under money global

    3. Sammy had I seen Dave’s comments earlier on this day, I would have ran.

      Dave, thank you… am now wiser pity much late on Amazing5, and have been wacked!

      Please share the ones you trust and I will participate.

      1. Hey DM,

        You are most welcome. The systems I use are many, but if it is a Revenue Share you are after, Traffic Monsoon is my number 1 recommendation –

        A stable online waste investment company is number 2 on my list – Recyclix – it has never let me down, and it is a REAL company in Poland, which recycles waste –

        My number 1 place to learn how to make websites and how to market online is Wealthy Affiliate –

        So far I am happy these companies are real, and are not scams. You of course are free to do your own research and use your own judgement.



  4. I Must admit I invested in early March DESPITE having reservations, like yourself I carried out my own detective work after I’d parted with $30.00, it ain’t a lot to lose if it did go belly up and disappear overnight, however, as it happens their daily monday to friday payouts of the interest has now more than covered the initial deposit which has been withdrawn at my own request and hit my Payza account within 10 minutes if that on numerous occassions.

    It’s at the point I’m now doubting myself for being dubious to be honest, however, my exact thoughts are, if this site IS going to disappear overnight, it will probably be in August / September once Noah or is it Richard has to start preparing accounts for companies house.

    The original address was a mail drop address, but googling Richard Pardee London, actually produced a result giving the same age etc as details in Companies house but with a Euston Road private address which was a stones throw away from the mail drop address.

    They have now changed their HQ address on their website, so only time will tell if it’s actually a scam or not.

    But up to now I’ve never heard of anyone not actually getting their money when withdrawing from Amazing 5

    1. Hey Davey, thanks for your thoughts on this.

      A5 will pay on time until they start deciding to pull the plug. When the time comes, they might vanish overnight or they might make excuses as to why withdrawals don’t work for a while and drag it out so they can make maximum profits.

      I have taken $75 out of the $100 I put in so far, so I am at low risk now.

      The FCA has shut down similar “companies” in the past, check out this recent news story regarding a very similar “investment” company that got busted recently:

      Amazing5 is a scam – guaranteed. Time indeed will tell, and when it does, I have had so much online hate from exposing them, I will find it difficult not to tell all my online haters “I TOLD YOU SO!” when they are finally exposed.



  5. Well again your tring to make money from TM affiliated link at the bottom, may you could have picked another company… TM blocked my account and as far as I go with TM they can keep there ad packs as there are a lot more interesting platform out there TM shucks and I don’t want nothing to do with them they wasted my time and cost me money stay away from TM. has paid me everyday and they always reply and support me yes it’s a risk just invest what you can lose but apart from this scam review who looks like he is making money from useing WTH …. Took me a wile is that English.

    I hope a5 works out for all the above reason and I will back it and maybe I may lose some money by at least I know TM is a time waster.. Stay away from it….

    1. Hey there,

      I am simply recommending a business I believe to be LEGIT and which offers NO promises of profit from revenue sharing.

      With TM you are not investing, you are buying advertising. BIG difference.

      See my below comments regarding withdrawals.

      Amazing5 is a scam and if you ignore this, then that is your choice. They WILL be shut down. And I WILL say I told you so!



      1. dave am with you bro, these business online you have to be careful, and its a risk we are all taking i lose so much money online in my life non of them will last long its just chance we are all taking because traffic.m can shutdown anytime soon also so as i said its just a risk we are all taking

        1. Hi trevardo, Thanks for your comment.

          Glad you are wise enough to not be fooled! Yes TM can shut down anytime, but I am still convinced they are not a Scam like Amazing5.

          At least with TM you are buying a service and they do not promise any return – and they certainly don’t call ad pack purchases “Investments”.

          This is the difference between a scam and a real company that simply may not last long (I hope TM lasts though, I really do).



  6. Hi Dave,

    I think it is important to identify the players involved.
    If they are hiding behind a veil, there is a reason.
    As you suggest, with all HYIP’s it is not a question of “if” they pull the plug but “when”.

    I’ve been rolling over the same seed money in Amazing5 but I don’t want to push my luck.
    I got burned a little on the Poker Automatics scam and learned the price of waiting too long to get out.

    As far as revshares, I do like MyPayingAds.
    They came out of the Paypal fiasco stronger and better organized.
    The operators involved are well known, very public and communicate daily.

    1. Hey Hostile177,

      Thanks for your thoughts. I totally agree – My Paying Ads has come through and I continue to build daily with them. However I have not got my previous ad packs back yet, but I only put $100 in to start so I was not that deep in.

      I also believe Traffic Monsoon will come through their Paypal problems and continue to be successful. Traffic Monsoon was my first hurrah into Traffic Exchanges and Rev Share business models. Traffic Monsoon also have a clear and transparent leader in Charles Scoville. I truly do believe the man is true to his word, and he has a deep history online, unlike the supposed leaders behind Amazing5.

      I will be withdrawing my seed money on Friday from Amazing5. After that I will let the profit build up. I won’t withdraw it, and the reason why will become clear soon.

      Stay tuned!



      1. By the way, the address question gets even stranger.

        If you go to the contacts page, they list “Corporate Headquarters” as 5 Lumley Street, Mayfair, London.
        That address doesn’t appear to exist but 1 Lumley street does and it seems to house a couple of hundred LLP’s.
        Most likely just P.O. boxes.

        1. Hey Hostile177,

          Yes indeed, I street mapped it myself and it looks occupied by a department store or something.

          Totally fake address. Fake names used on Companies House. FAKE INVESTMENT COMPANY!

          Thanks again for your comment!


          1. And there you have it…*poof*.
            I’m glad I got out while I did.
            Others were not so lucky or were just in denial.
            Perhaps you uncovering their BS so quickly helped save a lot of people from even getting into this one?

          2. Hey Hostile177,

            Yes indeed, gone overnight like all the others. I hope my words did help at least help some people not lose out. Personally, I only managed to get my Seed of $100 out, so I never made any profit whatsoever.



  7. Hi, i have also tried A5.
    I pushed $290 into it.
    Compound it for about 5-6 days and i am now pulling the amount out.
    After i get ALL of it out i will just use the extras that it made me so as to keep it running with no cares.
    Regarding the investigation..
    A few days ago i came to the same conclusion on the matters of CEO and address of this company.
    The fun thing is that at least 2 youtube users are giving everything they have on promoting A5 through their channels.
    Of course, by doing that, they also provide an affiliate link on the bottom to drive you into A5.

    The second one gets a truck loads of money from the REFERRALS (he is good in marketing his self!) and they have also started the videos by using their money to invest. (500 the woman and around 2.500 the man.)

    It might be a scam, but, i would suggest if you insist on investing, try a small amount at first, compound it for 5-6 days and WITHDRAW all of it out.

    Note of caution…:
    I started with almost 300 and i had to wait about 3 days to get a return of 20 per day so as to compound it. Be patient if you try this and DO NOT compound for more than 5-6 days.
    It is better to take low risk than lose everything if they go belly up “tomorrow”.

    Cheers from Greece!

    1. Hey Thanos, thank you for your thoughts.

      I totally agree. Minimize the risk as soon as possible. I too have now withdrawn all of my seed money, I will compound the rest.

      Just a shame that I know it wont last, and I know it is illegal and a scam. It could even be run by a criminal gang as a method of laundering money. Organised criminal gangs setup fake websites all the time to cycle the proceeds of crime.

      Thanks again for your thoughts, have a great day in Sunny Greece!


      1. Now that you have discovered its a SCAM and that you have withdraw your seed money
        withdraw everything and stay away from it, its unfair to keep getting their money and still destroying them. Its like biting the finger that is feeding you- My opinion..

        1. Hey Dipson,

          Thanks for your thoughts. I do have a bit of a moral dilemma to face in that respect. I have not withdrawn more than my seed money so far and have $18 in there right now.

          I will compound until it closes down I guess.



  8. please i want to know how to make money from trafficmonsoon ? can you explain what is required and how it works and secondly it is strange that nothing is written about noah trucker ?

    1. Hey Fred,

      Yes it is strange Noah Tucker is a mystery man online.

      He is fake.

      Charles Scoville on the other hand has a lot of history online. Yes some of it is his past failure, but can a man not fail a few times before finding success?

      Follow the instructions in the pages HERE

      Connect with me on Facebook HERE and holla if you need any help!



  9. My best advice Its important that before you make a comment be very sure that the story is based on your experience and your lost never make a comment from a third party. Its always the cases this has happened to my friend This is an uncertain situation you can create a lie be honest when you want to make a comment.
    As far A5 is concern getting good news but the fact is we never know how long is it going to be around

    1. Hey dCharles,

      Thanks for your comment. Indeed it might be paying now, but that does not mean it is not a scam that will shut down soon.



  10. Hey Dave, great engagement with this post. I am wondering how many comments you had to delete from people offended or mad that use A5? Any? Seems you let even the angry ones get a comment in and I respect you for that.
    I personally make money in the MLM industry, or network marketing (call it what you will) and people call it a scam. I’m glad I didn’t believe it was, or I’d still be scraping for dollars.
    When I saw A5 I was blown away. Looks great, but let’s be reasonable. You have to understand first they must make profits, and lots of them to continue. So If I give them $1, and they give me $1.55 in 31 business days, and let’s say I was referred by others meaning they would need to make another 20 cents to cover their affiliate commission, ($1.75 total) they would be giving back nearly double their intake. So what can they invest in with my money to make such HUGE returns so quickly? That is where my “red flag” came up.
    Any business that takes lots of hard work, failures, trials, and money to learn, usually has a great financial reward to it. The simple return scared me to hold off, and I began looking into other people’s results to see if they were winning or loosing.
    Hey I’m not saying it’s a scam by any means, and I know now people are making money. But are they waiting for that moment to “close down” when they hit a desired amount? Maybe? Maybe not? So I guess it’s what it is…risk.
    Best thing to really say is, I hope those who believe in it do well, and make big profits. If a person is not ready to take risks, like in any business, then they may want to stay away from it.

    Any clue how they are able to spin a huge profit from an investment so quickly?

    Great review Dave, deserves a well thought comment!

    1. Hey Jaye, thank you for your great comment, and kind words 🙂

      Yes I have had a lot of online hate, I usually leave the comments – they help with SEO after all 😛
      My youtube videos get most of the spammers posting links – they are spamming other similar sites to Amazing5 which are clearly also scams. I now have more cannon fodder!

      Amazing5 is a guaranteed scam – MLM companies are different, I am in a few MLM’s and don’t consider them scams whatsoever – they take hard work to build up and this put’s people off because it destroys their dream of an easy passive income – which doesn’t exist. Sites like Amazing5 sell this dream, and it distorts peoples perceptions about Online Business.

      Amazing5 don’t invest in anything – they just take new members investments to pay the old members. Eventually it will burn out or the owner will be happy with the amount of money they have and then laugh all the way to the next scam they set up. Or they will get busted and taken down. I hope it is the latter.

      Appreciate your thoughts,


  11. Hi Guys

    I have recently started these online business, I am with MMM, and have tried wealthy community now from SA, and I also recently signed up on the 13th April with amazing 5, and invested $200 till today its the 22nd no reflection of my deposit and no response on the suuport message I sent, the issue of putting an online chat and then when you click there there is actually no onlne chat is misleading and is a sign of untrustworthy…so that raises eyebrows on its own. But I am scared I lost my money already.

    1. Hi Pree, thanks for your comment.

      Have you tried asking in the Amazing5 facebook groups about your money? Unfortunately as it is a scam I wouldn’t hold your breath about getting it back though.

      Yup, the online chat being a support ticket is a red flag.

      I hope you get your money back, if nothing else you have learned a lesson.



  12. The site is down already, dose any one has any idea on how to get money back from them, let me know I will join you all,

    1. Hey Maria, Thanks for your comment.

      Yep I have seen this new attempt to scam us all, it could be by the same people or it could be a copycat site, who knows.


  13. HI

    I have invested Amazing5 more than $ 870.00 to 27th April. now I can’t withdraw my money, scam just avoids them.


  14. Sorry to read of anyone losing money in a program but having been in Amazing 5 I think you would obviously interested in RevShare but what about Social Media. I would like to introduce you a very good friend from Ireland who is generating huge income in a combined Social Media (like Facebook) and RevShare. If you will please take a look and let me know your thoughts.
    The future of the internet is advertising and social media and locking arms with me I know we can generate great incomes.
    Look forward to hearing from you soon

    1. Hi Wilson, Thanks for your comment.

      Is it Futurenet you are referring to by any chance?

      I am in this, but have not actively promoted it yet.



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