Is CommHubb a Scam?

CommHubb – Freeing the WORLD and Bringing you FREE INTERNET! (WTF?!!)

Get ready for some CRAAAZY ASS SHIT…

From conspiracy theories to Free internet for the world, to Doomsday clocks…CommHubb will have you entertained for sure, if nothing else!
Let’s get crazy and take a look at this bizarre little creature with this CommHubb Review.

What the HELL is CommHubb?

I am not sure I know what the hell it is. But I DO know it is to be avoided…but not before having a good laugh at it all first!


Is commhubb a scam?



Owner: Vashek Mohr / 3 men in their sixties who “do not want or need much” (?)

Price: Free

My Rating: 0/100



Okay, seriously though, this company has a vision – a vision to TAKE OVER THE INTERNET and GIVE IT TO THE WORLD FOR FREE!

Oh and give you shares in the company which will grow and grow in value! “It’s only simple common sense!”


According to CommHubb, the world is run by a Greedy 1% of elite rich – who also own the Internet! CommHubb with our help are going to take it back! (Does anybody really believe this crap?)
The funding for this whole deal is apparently from advertisements. The site has one or two adsense banners on it.


commhubb review

Is CommHubb a Scam?

Although it is hard to figure out exactly WHAT THE HELL CommHubb is, I would certainly consider it a pyramid scam. Avoid it at all costs (after laughing at it of course!).

Who are the Owners?

Well the owner is apparently Vasehk Mohr. One of the press releases on the site names him as the Executive Manager, but also inside the site it refers to him as Temporary Corporate Manager.

But then there is this in the FAQ:
Is CommHubb a scam?
The founders apparently don’t “Want or need much” – Hmm. Okay, that is great to hear…?!

Googling Vashek Mohr brings some odd results. Such as this page where Vashek speaks of the Doomsday of Mankind at their own hands with Nuclear weapons of mass destruction.

Okie dokie then…conspiracyfacts

He links to another website at the bottom of that post, which is equally insane.


What is left to say about CommHubb? Nothing other than laughter.

Hope you enjoyed this crazy journey – yes guys this kind of crazy ass shit exists on the internet.

Don’t fall for it, don’t put your good name behind something as WACKO as CommHubb.

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