Is Exitus Elite a Scam?


I have recently been hearing a lot about this new Member to Member program called Exitus Elite. After reading some of their claims, it became clear that all is not what it seems…

What is Exitus Elite?
Great, I don’t have to do any selling! Oh, wait…

Product: Exitus Elite
Price: $1000 & $299 per year ‘admin fee’
Owners: Paul Stevenson
Rating: 20/100

I must say, I was pitched this by a couple of marketers, and I was initially a little bit tempted to dive deeper into this rabbit hole. But the more I looked at it, the more it just seemed, well…like a load of Bullshit really.

Read on to find out why I will NOT be joining Exitus Elite, in this review.

What is Exitus Elite?

Exitus Elite claim to be an “Online Business and membership Program” – and they claim to offer 100% commissions of $,1000.

Oh, and they also claim that you DO NOT have to sell OR recruit – What? So I pay the hefty membership fees, and then they do all the work?

SOUNDS AWESOME, I’M IN! – Right? This is surely what most people who are willing to spend such a large amount of money would think, right?

I’ve seen people promoting this and claiming to have made over $5k in just a few days – but with such a high price to pay to get in to this system, this will only really appeal to the big hitters who have money to spend, and a large following to sell this to.

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What do you Get for your Money?

Exitus state that they offer only one single product called “Genesis”. Essentially what you are buying, is a host of audio and video training materials. The subjects being Social Media Training, Self Improvement, Well-being/Health, Motivation, Attraction Marketing and so on.

Is Exitus Elite a Scam?

Now, this training is designed to help you refer and sell Exitus to other prospects, thus earning you a nice $,1000 commission.

This brings to me one of my main gripes with Exitus Elite – If they claim that you DO NOT have to Sell or Recruit to get new referrals, then why are you getting all of this training on how to do just that? Hmm…seems to me that Exitus are selling a LIE.

The One-Up System

Making $1,000 isn’t as straightforward as it seems with the one-up system Exitus employ. This works by taking your first sale, and passing this up to your sponsor. Wow, so you just did a load of recruiting and prospecting (which Exitus claim you don’t have to do) and your first sale is taken from you. Thanks Exitus!

This One-Up system benefits one type of online marketer – the big hitters, the pro’s who have been doing it for years, who have a HUGE following which are HUNGRY for another online business to make money online and will buy whatever it takes to do so.

Not a seasoned pro? Then you are on your own, to go out and prospect all over again, selling a product which is a lie, and trying to convince people otherwise, all whilst also attempting to retain some dignity as an online authority. The truth is, there is no system which is fully automated for you, if you expect this you are living in a dream world and will come crashing to reality quickly.

With the right training, sure it is possible to generate income on autopilot, but this will be from the fruits of YOUR labour and YOUR determination and hard work. And it won’t happen overnight, get used to that fact.

Is Exitus Elite a Scam?

This question can be answered in two ways. If you answer it by asking are you getting what you pay for, then No, Exitus isn’t a scam. You are buying a range of online training video/audio, whether this material is beneficial to you, or good value – who knows.

What bothers me and rings scam alarm bells in my head – is that their claim is a blatant lie. The claim that you do not have to sell or recruit is complete Nonsense. YOU DO HAVE TO SELL and YOU DO HAVE TO RECRUIT! This is how the affiliate model works!


Okay, so now you can probably realise why I won’t be joining Exitus Elite. Below I have bullet pointed the main reasons:

What’s Good

  • Large Commission potential
  • Lot’s of training video and audio – whether this is good value depends on you

What’s Bad

  • You have to pay a LOT of money to find out if this will work for you
  • No refunds, no trial period
  • The Replicated sites provided will not rank in search engines as they are duplicate content
  • You are paying for what you can learn for free if you work smart enough
  • You are not building your own business, if Exitus closed down, your business is over

But the main thing which bothers me is that if I DID join Exitus, I would be out promoting a system which claims you don’t have to promote it. This to me is embarrasing to say the least, I mean, to be promoting a product which claims no promotion is required…is a tad hypocritical right?

So how does Exitus Compare to my Number 1 System?


I would much rather be a part of a system which teaches me how to create my OWN business, rather than rely on an affiliate program which could be shut down at any moment.

That is what I love about Wealthy Affiliate, and why I will always be a resident there. The learning is structured and teaches you online business with True Integrity.

I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with Exitus, feel free to challenge my opinions, leave a comment below, thanks for reading.

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This article has 4 Comments

    1. Hey Gerald,

      It’s a shame, there are so many programs like this out there, they have such expensive signup costs for buying a product which really is worth only a fraction of the cost. These programs tend to favour the already rich and make them richer whilst selling a fake dream to the rest trying to succeed.


  1. All these programs offering “no work” solutions are make-believe!
    If they can recruit on your behalf , why not just recruit on THEIR behalf ? Forget the affiliates and keep 100% commission.
    Of course they want you to buy into this and do your best to recruit. Without new money there is no business. You find the leads (or pay for them) and they work them for you. In a nutshell it is a $300 membership, $1300 product and an 800/500 split if they work your leads. If you have deep pockets and traffic, it may work, but for most of us it is not the best way to start a business.

    1. Hi Red,

      Thanks for your thoughts. I totally agree. I get pitched Exitus by people non stop. Which just goes to show that you DO need to recruit and sell, it’s total BS.

      The digital products offered are worth nowhere near the asking price, people aren’t joining for the products, they’re joining to get $1k direct payments by selling the low value products to others for a ridiculous price.

      There is a moral issue with this that the majority of so called leaders will have no issues with, but this is why I am not joining and making thousands like they claim I could be.


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