Is Web Copy Cat Scam or Legit?


There is a lot of scepticism surrounding systems which claim to be Done For You or which claim to require little or no effort to Make Money.  Rightfully so, as most of them do tend to be a load of BS…is Web Copycat any different?

In the time I have been online marketing, I have seen many fake Gurus and MANY fake claims.

Web Copycat so far has gone against this grain and has turned out to be a system well worth paying attention to. In my last post I explained how it works, in this post, I am asking, is Web Copycat Scam or Legit?

Remind me How it Works?

Devon Brown, the man behind Web Copycat offers to setup your entire list building system up ready to Make Money, all you have to add is Traffic.

Is Web Copy Cat Scam or Legit?

Watch the below video about how it works:

Although Web Copycat is for total Newbies to internet marketing – it does also appeal to Veterans too, as they do encourage that you start to take control of your own business – and they teach you how to do this.

You can try the system for 10 days for $1, after which you will be billed $34.95 per month. The other charges you will have to make Webcopycat work are:

1 – Autoresponder subscription, starting at $19 per month with Aweber

2 – Traffic (costs vary)

How do these Costs Compare to going it alone?

Trust me when I tell you that the Web Copycat overheads pale in comparison to what you will fork out if you decide to build an email list and market to your list alone.

On top of the cost of Traffic and the Aweber subscription, you will have to have a domain with hosting to make the Sales Capture Pages. You will also need a system to make the Capture pages in (or you can code them yourself if you are good with HTML).

On top of this, you will need good graphics, and a great sales copy (The text you use to sell the product).

The cost of all of this heavily outweighs the cost of Web Copycat. The time it takes is also way longer and the technical knowledge you need is high.

This is where the True Beauty of Web Copycat Lies

They take the time and headaches out of setting all this up. You need virtually NO technical skills – you need to know how to use a PC and follow instructions – that’s about it.

Is Web Copycat for Me?

If you are totally new to Internet Marketing and want to pay somebody else to setup your systems and to follow up with your leads, then Web Copycat is for you.

If you are experienced in Internet marketing but are struggling to make it work, then Web Copycat is for you.

Devon also runs a Facebook group for Members of Web Copycat. This is great as you can expand your knowledge and learn more about how to maximise your online business.

Affiliate Opportunity

Alongside the various sales funnels you get within Web Copycat – as a member you can also be an Affiliate and advertise Web Copycat to others. This is great as it means you can cover your Monthly Web Copycat Subscription if you get a couple of referrals.

The Affiliate structure is 50%. When somebody tales out the $1 trial, you earn $0.50. When that person sticks around and pays their monthly Subscription of $34.95, you earn $17.48. These are monthly residual earnings paid twice monthly straight to your Paypal account and can soon add up!

Is Web Copy Cat Scam or Legit?

Webcopycat Review









Web Copycat has actually been around quite a long time (2010). I personally didn’t know about it until earlier this year.

Devon is a good leader and I have faith that he really is not a scammer at all like many others out there.

I have seen a few mixed review about Web Copycat, a lot of people claim there is no such thing as a Done For You system.

However, all that they are doing is re-selling the systems they created (Sales funnels, Email copies, Autoresponder Campaigns). Finding a system that works, and then duplicating it is the name of the game.

Having the hassle taken away, and the expense of learning the hard way, is what most appeals about Web Copycat. It is straight up aimed at newbies or people who are well, a little Lazy (and have the money to pay somebody else to do the work).

And the Monthly Fee at $34.95 isn’t too bad, once you refer a few people it pays for itself.

Web Copycat

Thanks for reading, I would love to hear thoughts from existing members, please leave any thoughts below.

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  1. Web copy cat sounds good and I am certainly open to it but I am yet to find anyone actually making a decent net return from it.

    1. Hi Mindy,

      I appreciate what you mean. You get out what you put in, so it is hard to say what to expect, profit wise.

      The thing with list building, is that you are not paying for sales, you are buying people onto your list. So to expect a net return on money paid for traffic is akin to expecting a net return after buying a new PC to use for work, if you follow me?

      It’s more the actions you take with the people on that list that generates income. And it is completely random.

      But in time, it will start to snowball into more and more sales, the more people you have on your list and the more action you take to engage them.

      Hope this helps,


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