Make Money Online Scams

These are the scams I have discovered so far.  Avoid at ALL costs.


List of Known Scams: – Flip it with Tom aka Tom’s Flipping Service


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  1. Hi Dave, great website. I want to ask your opinion about MyAdvertisingPays, if you have heard about it. What do you think about it, and do this company has a future?

    1. Hey Mantas, thanks for your comment.

      I have not been in MAPS, but I know of some people who were. I can’t really comment on it, sorry.


  2. I just came across CrowdRising which looks to me like a pyramid or ponzi. To be fair, it more-or-less says that on the site but I still think it should be illegal and at best is unethical.
    I’d be interested in your opinion.

    1. Hey Ian,

      Thanks for your comment. I was aware of them ( – haven’t gotten around to examining them yet (my list is long!).

      I would avoid them, it does indeed appear to be a Ponzi.



      1. Yep, It has all the symptoms. I had no intention of joining having read the site, but it was a colleague who told me about it.
        PS I did join Recyclix (under you) partly as a result of this site. I was intrigued at first how a recycling company could have a scheme for others to make money but it seems quite innovative. And with a good motive.

        1. Hi Ian,

          Yeah me too. Recyclix is like the silent legitimate way to earn passive income online. I never put more than £150 into it and have just been recycling ever since. Whilst all other passive earning systems perish online, Recyclix remains, and bizarrely it is the one I have least focussed on.

          Guess I don’t want to get burned again after what happened with Traffic Monsoon.



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