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Online Marketing is quite a broad industry. This article will briefly touch upon the world of online affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is another online money making method I would recommend.Marketing

If you are unfamiliar with online affiliate marketing, it is essentially a way to profit from somebody’s purchase. The idea is, that you market another company, their services or their products. When a customer follows a special affiliate URL link of yours, and completes a purchase – you earn a commission from that purchase, paid by the company you are marketing for. There are so many successful companies you can affiliate with. If you are an Ebay seller, why not be an affiliate with their Ebay Partner Network.

If you are an Ebay seller, and you use suppliers such as Bang Good, Chinavasion, or Tinydeal – these suppliers all run affiliate schemes. You can get HTML to add banners advertising their products, onto your website. Or you can become an Amazon Associate, and advertise any product on Amazon. And the beauty of the Amazon Associate scheme is that the buyer doesn’t even have to buy the product you advertized. If they go on to make any purchase on Amazon within 24 hours, you get commission on that sale.

Okay, so affiliate marketing is for you, and you know who you will affiliate with and what products or services you will be recommending.

Time to use your passion for this niche and spread it to as many people as you can!

Where to begin?

To be able to promote, you firstly need a website. To have a website, the first thing you need is a domain name. The domain name is your online ‘address’. Time to get creative again and think of a good name for your homepage. You can simply match it to your business name if you wish, or make it similar. It is not too important, as long as your audience knows what they can expect. Then you need hosting, you can often get hosting from the same place you obtain domain names from. If you want to grab a cheap domain – head over to Namecheap. But before you get a hosting package, read on!

If you are completely new to building and hosting a website, ranking in the search engines, and generating traffic – I highly recommend you pay a visit to Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate offer a structured online entrepreneur certification course. It is an in-depth hand-holding guide to getting yourself setup in the online world of affiliate marketing. It walks you through every stage required, and more. All of the benefits they offer for free are great – and if you do take the plunge as a Premium member, you will not regret it. Take a look at the bottom of this page for the differences between memberships.

The free membership gives you Premium membership benefits for 7 days. This should be long enough to decide if a premium membership is for you at Wealthy Affiliate.

The helpful community, along with the included hosting options, and thorough training, in my opinion are well worth the asking price of a premium membership. With that behind you, there is nothing standing in your way of realizing online success.

Click the link below and never look back!

If you need any help, drop me a comment below, or come find me over at Wealthy Affiliate. 🙂

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  1. This is a great post on online marketing. I appreciate how you took you time to explain what it is all about and how individuals like myself can benefit from it immensely.

    I also like the fact that you went further to gives us an idea of where we can start such a business venture from. Thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you. I think it is our duty as fledgling online marketers to help others as we were once helped and guided into this new and exciting world.

      It is my pleasure to share!

  2. I’ve been tracking various internet marketing opportunities over the last few weeks and one thing seems consistent – the price!!!!
    This Wealthy Affiliate you cover here – you say they have a starter account that doesn’t involve any payment?
    Will the lessons be included in this price – can I learn for free basically?

    1. You get the beginner training course for free, and get to host 2 websites. You can do a lot for the free membership so it is definitely worth signing up and seeing where the 7 days takes you.

      If you decide to go premium, you get a whole host of benefits, including live training sessions and access to a huge community of help, as well as unlimited websites!

      All the best in your venture and hope to see you on WA!

  3. You’re right about how large online marketing is and your article about affiliate marketing is a great option.
    To actually create and supply a product is much more complicated than to select a great product that already exists to promote. Doing one or more of the affiliate programs out there makes a lot of sense.
    I see you also promote wealthy affiliate as a way to have a site to promote the affiliate programs which is also another great way to learn and become successful with your online business.

    1. Hey Travis.

      Yes indeed. After I got into Ebay selling, I started to wonder how to streamline that process. I started to use drop shipping a lot which did help as it removes the logistics. But affiliation is hands down the most effortless way of making a transaction. The rewards are less, but it just a question of scaling up.

      Wealthy affiliate is a win win – you get to learn all about affiliation marketing – and you get to promote them and make money at the same time using their affiliate scheme!

      All the best in your ventures, thanks for dropping by 🙂

  4. Hi Dave, your review of Profit Accumulator is very interesting and I can see how it can really work. I’m assuming that you would have to be a new account holder or do existing account holders ever get free bet offers? I’m just thinking that the source of free bets will gradually dry up unless there are lots of new companies being set up on a regular basis.

    1. Hey Paul.

      Most bookies offer sing up offers but they don’t stop there!

      After you start to do a lot of the signup offers, you will start to get bombarded daily by the bookies with ‘reload’ offers. Profit Accumulator takes you through all of that and they take their time to compile the offers for you – as well as offering guides on how to do them.

      It takes work and patience, I highly recommend using Profit Accumulator as they lessen that burden – their support is fantastic. You are never short of an offer, they reckon there is around £2,000 per week available in the reload offers alone – of course if you had the time to do them all!

      All the best, and maybe I will see you around the Profit Accumulator facebook group sometime!

  5. It’s so easy to get lost, overwhelmed and confused when you first try to make money online. Or worse, you just get continually ripped off. So much of the make money online products are rubbish. Some teach outdated methods that not only don’t work but will damage your websites rank.

    I was pleased you recommended Wealthy Affiliate.I’m a member and have been for six months. It’s the real deal and it’s free to join. You don’t even need a credit card. Just join and look around. You’ll soon realize that it’s where you should have been all along if you want to make money online.

    One tip about joining Wealthy Affiliate…be sure to set up your account and profile with a picture and a paragraph. This will show the community that you’re a real person and not a robot. Once you do that, you’ll be amaze at all the people who come forward to welcome you aboard and help you succeed online.

    1. Hello and thanks for the comment.

      I totally agree. When I started out, I was constantly overwhelmed by all the ‘opportunities’ on offer.

      It was during this time that I was researching one of these and I stumbled across a site run by a member of WA who convinced me that WA was the place to be. I decided to give it a go as I had nothing to lose, and 2 days into my free membership I went premium.

      I can say without any doubt that I made the right decision. And my choice continues to be reinforced everyday I login to WA by the hugely supportive community and top notch training.

      Thanks again for your comment and all the best in your journey!

  6. Hi Dave,

    I’ve been a Wealthy Affiliate member for a couple of months now and I agree with you 100% that it’s the best place to be. The community’s help is so great, I’ve learned so much about affiliate marketing via Wealthy Affiliate.

    I just like to say thank you for mentioning eBay Partner, because I had no idea. And about Bang Good, Chinavasion, or Tinydeal, I’ve never heard any of them so I’ll check each link and will certainly join!

    Thanks again for the great informative article.

  7. Hi Dave

    Affiliate marketing is the way to go if you know how to build a blog and how to create quality content on it. It might take a while before you start to see some success but it will eventually grow into something big if you press forward.

    It is also a business model that is easily scalable.

    1. Hey, thanks for the comment.

      Very true, with some good keyword research the possibilities are endless, it can just take one article to get massive exposure!

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