Starting in Online Business


Starting in Online Business can be daunting. I mean, what do you do first? How long will it take? How much will it cost? Will you Succeed?


starting in online business

Let me help you out here…

Step 1 – Forget all your questions (because they never end…)


Okay, so there is a bit more to it than that, but you get the idea.  I will attempt to answer any questions you may have about Starting in Online Business in this post. But I can assure you the questions never end, they just mature as you learn more.

So, what is the first thing you need for an Online Business?

It really depends what kind of business you are setting up (or already have setup).

Are you going to be an eBayer or perhaps Amazon Seller?
Are you selling a Digital product? (eBook or training course)
Do you want to make money by referring Sales to other companies? (Affiliate marketing).
Do you have a bricks and mortar business and wondered how to drive more business using the internet?

Whatever your position, there is one thing you need when Starting in Online Business:

A Website.

How do you build a website if you have no technical knowledge? You can either:

Pay somebody else to do it for you,
Learn for yourself.

Do yourself a solid and Learn for Yourself. I mean, if you pay somebody to do it for you, what if you need changes made? You have to pay usually. And it doesn’t come cheap. Plus if you learn for yourself, you can pat yourself on the back – because you just learned a very valuable skill indeed 🙂

Where is the best place to Learn?

There are BILLIONS of buyers Online – The opportunity is HUGE.

You can scour Google and end up visiting hundreds of blogs about the subject – with no guarantee any of the information is valid or applicable to your goal.

What I did was just that. I scoured Google. I always do. We all do it. It’s what you just did to end up here, right?  That’s why having an Online Business is such an attracting prospect. So many people are searching the Search Engines at any one time!

But like I said, there is no guarantee any of the information is true or not – you only have your own perceptions on this, and if you are new to OnlineBusiness, those perceptions are young, and invalid.

During my Googling,I came across something which changed my life – a community of Online Marketers, Affiliate Masters, Online Business experts and Veterans of the trade.

That thing was Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate has been around for over 10 years. It was founded by 2 young Canadians called Carson and Kyle.

It actually started out as a membership site offering databases of high search keywords. Due to their success, they decided to turn it into something much, much more.

Wealthy Affiliate changed all my perceptions about Online Business. Kyle and Carson genuinely care about helping others succeed online. They have a structured Learning Course which guides you in baby steps and get’s you up and running with a website in no time. After that, they teach Success. Which means, they teach how to drive people to your site, and how to turn that Traffic into an income.

I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for almost 2 years now, and I have no intention of quitting.

The Training

Wealthy Affiliate’s goal is to train you to become successful in online business. This means that the training at Wealthy Affiliate is highly regarded as one of the best places to learn online today.

Each section of the training is delivered in easy to follow segments with comment sections below. You can easily seek help or advice from either other community members or Kyle and Carson themselves.

The Core Training, which is included with the Free Starter Account, encourages you to delve right into the first course – “Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started (Level 1). there are 10 Lessons which drills in the basics of getting started with affiliate marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate Training

There are several action based exercises which guide you through creating the foundation to your Online Business.

Including the Level 1 course, there are 5 in total. But there is also community training, there are endless training courses created daily by members and regular live Webinars (or WAbinars as they are known in WA!). These are available for replay if you can’t make the time slots.

Included Tools

The Hosting – SiteRubixhow to build a website

Wealthy Affiliate hosting is served by the SiteRubix Platform. This awesome platform allows you to create a stunning WordPress Website in a matter of Minutes. All pre-loaded with all the recommended Plugins and ready to roll!

4 Simple Steps to create your first website:

1 – What kind of website do you want to build?
2 – Name your website
3 – Choose a look for your website
4 – Build Your Website!

Website hosting comes as part of your Wealthy Affiliate package, so no need to signup with a web host elsewhere.

How many sites can you Have?

Starter Members get 2 Free Websites (on domain)
Premium Members can have as many as 50 Websites (25 free website plus 25 on your OWN Domains!)


SiteRubix Hosting

Wealthy Affiliate Domains

The latest addition to the Wealthy Affiliate platform is the ability to Buy Domains within your WA account. This is awesome because it keeps everything in one place, plus the domains come ready setup so you don’t need to faff around with Nameserver Settings!

The domains are fully integrated with the SiteRubix platform, and work seamlessly with all current technologies. Logging into your site is done with a single click.

WA Keyword Tool

The WA Keyword Tool enables you to learn what people are searching for inside Google. To get exposure for your website, you should understand the search behaviour of your audience. Using the WA keyword tool enables you to do this by showing the volume of keyword searches in any given month, and also tells you how many of your competitors are using them too.

WA Keyword Tool

The success of an Online Business is dependant on proper keyword research and using the WA Keyword tool this becomes a sinch!


So, the answer to me was very obvious. I quit searching Online for answers the moment I found Wealthy Affiliate.

I joined. I took action, daily. And I never looked back!

Whatever your level, Wealthy Affiliate will catapult your Online business to new levels. The training, Tools and Support make it incredibly easy to get an Online Business to it’s next Leve

Join Me inside Wealthy Affiliate Today

I offer my help to anyone who needs it, so I will be waiting inside WA to offer help should you ever need it.

Join today for FREE and come check out my profile!

My WA Profile:My WA

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Hey there, I'm Dave Dixon, and I am the founder of

It is my aim to help others avoid online scams and to learn how to Make Money Online.

Feel free to connect with me on my social channels above, or drop a comment here and I will do my best to get back to you soon.

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  1. Hi Dave, could not agree with you more. Here at WA you get all the help you need to get started in this domain. I started jut like you searching for ways to make money online and I discovered WA. Now I have my own site, I like to think it’s a good site and I am currently on the final lessons on course 3. By the way, do you know if Google Adsense does not accept your site, is this a bad thing I mean, can I go on with my site without Adsense ? Thank you in advance for your help and thank you for your great article, it’s been nice reading. Keep up the good work !

    1. Hey Nicu, thanks for your comment!

      Good to hear you are enjoying WA and are making progress!

      I had Adsense reject my site once, I did an article on Matched Betting, and Google aren’t fond of gambling related material (even thought matched betting is not gambling) and rejected my application.

      I removed the article and re applied months later and got accepted in the end. I personally don’t use adsense much as the payouts are so small it takes a hell of a lot of traffic to make it worthwhile. I did get lucky with a Youtube video though, which had over 9,000 hits, earning around £60 with Adsense, which was nice!

      All the best in your journey!


  2. Internet marketing is so great and the good part is that anyone can do it all you need is a computer, internet connection, and a training program like wealthy affiliate. Before you know it you will be well on your way to online success. Many persons are now living the dreams of owning their own successful online business. I would encourage anyone to become a part of this community, that is making a big difference in the lives of so many.

    1. Hey Norman, thanks for dropping by.

      I agree, the internet has evolved hugely over the last decade. I only wish I knew the direction it would have taken back when I was working in IT in the late nineties and noughties. Nevertheless I witness people just starting out for the first time and making a good living from doing it too.

      The main thing preventing success is the realisation that it is not a free ride. To be successful in this game requires the Mentality of an Entrepreneur. If you don’t have this mindset coming in, you need to train yourself to change and adapt to this thinking.

      Apart from that, all you need is the Will to succeed!

      All the best Norman,

  3. You know what Dave? I have been with Wealthy Affiliate close on 2 years now and I have learned a lot. My mom asked me a while back how long I plan on spending $49 a month on the Premium membership and I was like ummm well forever actually! She just couldn’t figure it out.

    It is about the learning, yes but it is also about the community and the support. Plus I have 3 websites hosted there for free so really if I moved those I would be paying the same amount in hosting anyway!

    The thing is that the online world is always changing and coming up with something new and exciting… and if you are at Wealthy Affiliate you will be kept up to date with everything that is happening and get up to date training as soon as there is something new.

    If you want to work online, especially if you have a website about online marketing you have to be top of your game.

    For me it is a no-brainer.

    1. Hey Lynne,

      Cheers for your comment!

      I know what you mean, after the first few months I knew I was sticking around so I went premium and haven’t doubted renewing each year since. I have a load of sites hosted too, so it would cost me more to host them separately elsewhere, and I try to buy all my new domains at WA too.

      Plus we get free SSL with one click install, which is awesome! They really do offer ongoing value with the up to date training and improvements.

      To me though the biggest value lies with the Vast community of experienced Marketers. You can learn a LOT from these people, and I already have.


  4. Dragolith,

    Great information about the online business gauntlet. You truly never know what’s real, what’s make believe, who you can or can’t trust, etc.

    If, by your own doing, you can create a business that works, using a model that works, you only need to prove it to yourself once and you’ll pretty much never have to search for a new online business again.

    WA provides that learning experience. The community of like-minded people truly points you in the right direction. All you need to do to start your business is follow the leads of the hundreds of those that have succeeded with this model before you.

    Great post! Keep up the sharing!

    1. Hey Matt,

      Thanks for your comment. I know what you mean, I lost lots of money on Scams in the past, and I spent time trying to make others aware of them – but most people make up their own minds anyway.

      After I found WA and started applying the knowledge from the learning, I soon saw that it was really possible to make it online. The key part of making it work is perseverance and the “never give up” attitude.

      The power of being surrounded by thousands of successful online entrepreneurs within the Wealthy Affiliate community to me is priceless.

      Thanks for stopping by Matt!


  5. Hello Dave,
    Wealthy Affiliates huh, seems I have heard that name around somewhere before. . I love your set set up. was enjoying reading quite a few posts. One thing I am always curious about for people that have been doing this a while now is how long it took you before you started seeing any return . I love these sites that say you can make $4,000 a month by just spending 5 or 6 hrs a week . It’s just that simple LOL I believe I can spend 5 or 6 hours a week easily just responding to comments LOL. You have a nice site here keep up the good work . If you would like take a look at my other sites when you get a chance. I have one site that I basically use to showcase my writing on . Thanks for sharing the feedback best of luck to you in your endeavors

    1. Hey Larry,

      Thanks for your comment. I know what you mean about those sites, the thing with Wealthy Affiliate, is that they don’t claim you can earn any amount specifically. It is all about the time you put in, and in WA there are plenty of people making huge success online. As for making profit, obviously this is the goal, but I prefer to think about anything I spend toward my online business as an investment rather than an expenditure.

      Thanks again for your thoughts and best to you too my friend, I’ll check out your sites!


  6. Great post about making money online. I like wealthy affiliates to and they offer greats training and they really do care.I only been with the program for less than a month ,but I have managed to produces 22 pages on my site and even rank some of my pages in the top 2 pages and I have only just begun ,Cool Right ! I will not be leaving anytime soon as I well can’t wait until I get my first commission that will truly be exciting.

    1. Hey Kevin,

      Thanks for dropping by.

      That is some great progress inside 1 month, well done! Goes to show the power of WA’s training and support!

      With that kind of start I am sure you will do very well. Yup, once you start getting paid for your efforts, that’s when it hits home on how powerful it is!

      Keep on trucking 🙂


  7. Dave, this is great information here for everyone. As someone new to the online world I can tell you that two months ago a simple google search about affiliate marketing landed me on a page similar to this one. It led me to Wealthy Affiliate and the program and benefits you outlined here. I am so glad that I became a part of the community. The training program is great especially for someone who has never been formally trained before!

    1. Hey Scott,

      Thanks for your comment. Same thing happened to me as well – I landed on a review for Wealthy Affiliate from a fellow member. As I had no experience in the field – it appealed to me, and I have learned more than I could ever have imagined since I joined!


  8. This looks awesome. I hope I can get my online business started today and start making some money. I’ve been looking for a legitimate way to start an online business for a while, but every time I find something they want way too much money to start, or the free trial is not long enough for me to really succeed at anything. Also, once I’ve joined other programs the upsells are insane. I wont have these problems with Wealthy Affiliate, will I?

    1. Hey Jonathan,

      I feel your concerns, I was involved in some scams before and lost a fair amount of money. I have spent tons of cash on various programs which never transpire to anything.

      Joining Wealthy Affiliate as a premium member only costs $47 a month (with included hosting!), and with a few referrals this cost is covered straight away. Focus on referring people to WA and you can make a nice residual income whilst helping others achieve online as well.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  9. This was a pretty good review Dave. I really do believe in this day and age that the common man can become financially independent and happy without needing the safety of a corporation. There’s nothing like freedom and affiliate marketing seems like a good way to get it. Though it doesn’t need much technical skills, I’m learning some web dev at the moment just so that I can prepare myself to host my own site in future. All the best!

    1. Hey Joshua,

      Thanks for your comment. I totally agree – and in an age of financial insecurity and low wages – the self employed status is becoming a lot more attractive to people these days. The world is indeed changing, gone are the days that working for other people feels like a good deal.

      I personally am not happy if I am working to build somebody else’s business, somebody else’s dream.

      Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to get to work on building your OWN dream, and your OWN income and financial independence.

      Great to hear you are learning Dev – good luck with it all!


  10. Ah, wealthy affiliate, the true state-of-the-art platform for affiliate marketing. I myself got my start there. It is truly interesting to watch your rankings increase, your articles, and your revenue increase as you continue to put to work. I think that a lot of people could truly benefit from Wealthy Affiliate, in fact, this platform could change their whole life.

    1. Hey Jacob, thanks for your comment!

      Yes indeed. It is a shame too many people shy away from this life changing platform due to the amount of work it takes.

      But once you get into it, the work gets easier as you get more experienced. The work is Cumulative.


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