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Dominating Page One of the Search Engines is the Aim of the Game in Online Business, but how do you make sure you are choosing the right Keywords?

FREE Organic Search Engine Traffic is vital to any Online Business. Without it, your only option is Paid Traffic or relying on Social Network sharing. One is too expensive, and the other requires a huge social following.

Without proper keyword research, you are banking on “Pot luck” that your articles are reaching the people you intend them to, or if they are at all.

How do you think having your website pages on Page One of Google numerous times over would benefit your Online business?
I can tell you now – it would catapult your business to the next level!

How to Rank in Search Engines

If you are a website owner who wants to get organic traffic to your site, by blogging and creating quality content – then your main weapon is Keyword Research.

But What is The Best Keyword Tool?

As an Affiliate marketer myself, I use the Number 1 Ranked Keyword Research Tool Platform on the Planet – Jaaxy.

how to rank in search engines

Everybody knows that the more traffic you get to your website, the more conversions you will also achieve. It’s a numbers game. And getting the numbers to your website doesn’t have to be a guessing game. Jaaxy takes account of all the major search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL Search, and more.

The Jaaxy Interface

Jaaxy has lot’s of cool features which other tools don’t have, but the main one I use is the keyword Research Data.
Jaaxy Search
By typing in a phrase, you get to see all kinds of stats in columns, below is a brief description of each column, from left to right:

The average amount of Monthly Searches for that Phrase. You want to find keywords with BIG numbers here to get the maximum exposure for your site.

The amount of traffic you could get to your page, should you rank on Page 1 of the Search Engine. There are 10 spaces on Page one, so Make the effort to Set your Meta Tags up properly, so people browsing the SERPs click your site and not a competitors.

QSR  (Quoted Search Results)
How many competing Sites are ranked using this exact keyword. This is your competition. The lower the number the better. No Keyword tool in the world offers this awesomely insightful data! Aiming between 0-200 is what you want to do with this.

KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator)
Quick reference indicator – Green (Good!) Amber (Ok!) and Red (Avoid!) indicator for each phrase.  Try to target Green only here.

Score based on traffic and Competition on a 1-100 Scale. The Higher this score, the more likely you will rank on Page One for this keyword providing your page is SEO Optimized.

Tells you if the domain name for that phrase is available. This is awesome because it saves you opening Godaddy or Namecheap every 5 seconds to check domains based on keywords you are researching in Jaaxy.

As you can see above, I typed “Best drone” and it came up with some potentially good keywords and domains I could use if I wanted to create a site about Drones. There are a couple of good suggestions here, and some domains to consider if I was in the market for one. I would spend a bit longer researching for keywords with higher search volume, but I would consider some of these for use as well.

Other Jaaxy Features

Siterank enables you to check the top 10 results (Page One) for a given keyword. Once you have done all the hard work of producing quality Content using those Keywords you researched thoroughly using Jaaxy – You an come here and see what your Site Rankings are for the keywords. You might even find you are ranked for keywords you never planned too!

Withing the Training section you have access to 4 in depth Videos which guide you through: Keyword Research & Management, Website Research & Analysis, Niche Research Refinement, and a Walkthrough of the Jaaxy Affiliate program. The training is excellent and helps you understand the true power of what Jaaxy has to offer. Personally, I learned all I know about Keyword Research and Site Optimisation at Wealthy Affiliate, but the training here is very informative and thorough.

Find Affiliate Opportunities from Keywords
Jaaxy also offers the ability to find Affiliate programs based on Keywords. This is awesome because if you are new to affiliate marketing, you probably don’t know where to start when finding the best affiliate networks to sign up to. The affiliate keyword search covers Popular Affiliate Networks Commission Junction, Link Share, Digital River and Click Bank. As you can see below, I typed in “Dog Clothes” choosing Commission Junction, and it has returned loads of affiliate opportunities I could sign up to. It even tells you how much commission you are likely to make per sale with that particular program!

Jaaxy Affiliate

Affiliate Program
Jaaxy offers one of the best affiliate programs available online, enabling you to earn consistent income from referring other people to this awesome Keyword Research Tool! Check out the Potential:

Jaaxy Affiliate


Jaaxy is an Indispensable tool in my arsenal, and has helped me rank on Page One numerous times by giving actionable information and research capabilities.

So, as you can see, I am a fan of Jaaxy. I use it every day. Finding high traffic/low competition keywords is vital to my Online business and Jaaxy enables me to do just that with ease.

Give Jaaxy a Try for Free

Join Jaaxy today and test it out Yourself with 30 FREE Searches included with a Trial account. If you are serious about Online marketing, you will see it’s value immediately.


The Best Keyword Tool Free


Give it a go for Yourself, type in some keywords below and see how they Rank!

Still confused and want to know more about how this whole Keyword malarky works?

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Thanks for reading this post about the Best Keyword Tool available today.
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  1. Dave I really enjoyed this post, I also use Jaaxy and it is incredible. I have access to a keyword tool within Wealthy Affiliate where I am a member but Jaaxy is just so much more powerful and nifty to use that the $19 a month is no problem for me.

    I totally agree with you that the main aim is to get organic traffic. It is incredible how many people I have spoken to that work online but don’t do any keyword research! It’s crazy to think that people are just letting free traffic walk right through their fingers. Doing some keyword research prior to writing my content just takes 5 minutes and it can make such a massive difference.

    Anyway I love doing keyword research, it fascinates me!

    1. Hey Lynne,

      Thanks for your input. Yeah I do like the WA keyword tool, but it doesn’t offer the same level of tools that Jaaxy does. I find the Pro membership is adequate for me.

      Yeah, I see a lot of online Marketers “Slamming Traffic” by buying clicks from Solo Ad sites and the like. This is just a way of throwing money down the drain to avoid the hard work required to obtain Organic traffic.

      I also love researching keywords, sometimes I spend ages looking things up – problem is I get easily addicted to buying domain names which i end doing nothing with!


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