Traffic Hurricane – Traffic Monsoon Clone by Ernest Ganz

Well, not long after the dust has settled on the Ponzi scam that was Traffic Monsoon, a loyal Lemming of Charles has decided to follow in his footsteps…

Traffic Hurricane

According to Sharon James (A supposed top female earner in Traffic Monsoon – in my opinion she is a serial scammer though) – the site is spearheaded by Ernie Ganz and she goes on to say that the recipe is “Tried and Tested” – is she referring to Traffic Monsoon? Because last time I checked, they got shut down for being a Ponzi by the SEC, so how is that “Tried and Tested” Sharon?

Sharon James Serial Scammer

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Let’s take a look at what it is all about shall we?

If you were familiar with Traffic Monsoon, you will notice that this new site Traffic Hurricane looks almost identical in every way.

Some of the colours and pictures may be different, but a lot of the texts have been re-used, and the layout is virtually the same.

Interestingly on the About page of the site, it states it has been in operation since October 2014

Ernie Ganz
Ernie Ganz – Another Charles Scoville?

(This is when Traffic Monsoon launched), yet after checking the Whois Data for the domain name for Traffic Hurricane ( was registered on 16/8/2016 and is set to Private. So how on earth can it have been around since October 2014?

It Can’t. Ernie simply neglected to change the text which was re-used from Traffic Monsoon.

Which, by the way, is a direct violation of the SEC’s regulations during Traffic Monsoon’s investigation.

The only way that Charles Scoville would have been able to replicate the site, would be from a Backup from the hosting company. Since the SEC has taken over all of Traffic Monsoon’s assets. Sneaky.

Ganz was also behind the failed Traffic Monsoon Plus (, which was a clone of Traffic Monsoon, in some bizarre attempt to resurrect the failed Ponzi site. The site was slow and unresponsive.

As far as what the site offers, it is identical to Traffic Monsoon, buy an adpack for $50 and they “Promise” a return of $55, netting a profit of $5 per adpack purchase.

The same affiliate compensation deal is in place, 10% of new purchases made by people you refer are paid to your account balance.

Not happy with the money these scammers made from innocent victims of Traffic Monsoon, they just keep popping up new sites to entice people in and rip off more money.


Avoid at all costs. Simple.

It is quite sad, because a lot of people who invested heavily into Traffic Monsoon and lost it all, are desperate to try and make it work this time around, and they will again put more money into these new schemes, and I can guarantee it will leave them out of pocket once again.

One thing is for certain, these scammers need stopping, and unless the authorities take this seriously, they may very well never get caught.

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Have you been affected by Traffic Monsoon, or are you considering joining Traffic Hurricane? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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This article has 2 Comments

  1. I would love to see CHARLES SCOVILLE back to business one day.

    All this story about the pitfall about trafficmonsoon is saddening and disappointing for me .

    My cousin started so well with TM and with future personal growth in mind.

    He was ready to purchase TM Adpacks only until now.

    He is feeling the aftermath, but doesn’t want to express it to me.

    Iam not Interested in any twin or replica site of TM.

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