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Is there a truly Done-For-You System out there that works? WebCopycat claims to fit this description, let’s take a look in this Web Copycat Review…

Website:  www.webcopycat.com
Owner: Devon Brown
Cost: $1 to test for 10 days then $34.95 monthly
Overall Rating: 6/10

Devon Brown advertises Web Copycat as a system designed for total newbies. He states that if you are an advanced marketer, and you want control over the marketing process, then this is NOT for you. It is a biz in a box, no effort required after the initial setup, which is easy.

As this is a completely done for you system, this does mean you do not get to control any aspect of the marketing system. You cannot, for example, edit the sales pages, or opt-in pages etc. If you want this level of control, you can do it all yourself with a package such as Power Lead System – PLS is not a newbie friendly system though.

But if you are a newbie or just plain lazy, then WebCopycat is for you.

Got a spare $1?

You can test drive WebCopycat for 10 days costing just $1. After the 10 day period is over you will be re-billed at $34.95 per month. Devon offers done for you Sales opt-in pages and Sales funnels, he calls them Profit Funnels. It really is so easy to setup, it took me about 30 minutes, which included watching the intro videos.

So how does it work?

The idea is simple, you get a Profit Funnel which consists of an Opt-in Page and a series of f

Web Copycat Review
Devon Brown

ollow up sales pages. The sales pages offer products to help people learn how to make money online. The cost of the products increases as they go through the sales pages.


After you are setup – which is easy if you pay attention to the guide videos – all you then need to do is buy traffic through WebCopycat, and Devon sends the traffic to the Opt-in Page. The rest is all automated. After you plug in your Aweber, you then have an entire email campaign created by Devon which emails your list automatically over a set time frame.

When a sale is made, you get 50% commission paid direct to your Paypal by Devon, they pay twice monthly.

The Money is in the List

When you get opt-ins, they go onto YOUR Aweber list. This is good because you can then follow up with these leads for life – or as long as they stay subscribed.

This is Email Marketing, it is very powerful and it is a method which is used to great advantage by the internet’s top marketers.

On top of this you can also advertise WebCopycat and earn $0.50c (50%) flat commission, and then $17.48 per month for each month they remain a Paying member (Also 50%).

So, when you have people on your Aweber list, you can then tell them about WebCopycat too – or any other offer you are in.

If you are new to this and want to learn more, Devon offers help here too. There are some resources in the back office with Email swipe templates, Facebook ads, Banner ads etc. If you are still lost with this, Devon offers to personally coach you 1 on 1 for an additional cost.


Web Copycat is a great idea and well implemented. It is aimed at those who either have little or no knowledge of Email marketing, or those who just want to get a system going with no further effort required whilst building their Email list. Devon gives regular email updates and there is a Facebook group as well.  As good as the system is, I find the lack of control to be somewhat limiting, because it imposes a glass ceiling for your knowledge and progression.

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Thanks for Reading, please post any thoughts or Questions below, thanks!

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  1. Hi Devon,

    Beside the monthly fee of $34.00, what are the other costs to be incurred?
    How many hosting fee, autoreponder, traffic costs?

    How much is the traffic package that I have to pay?

    Thanks and regards

    1. Hey WLC, thanks for your comment.

      Other than the monthly fee, all you need is an Aweber, which starts around $20, and then just the cost of purchasing Traffic through WCC.

      Traffic isn’t cheap – although it is cheaper than most with WCC, there are guides inside WCC on how to get Free Traffic too. Hope this helps.


    2. Hi Dave

      I have some questions as I start using the system. I am at the stage just short of buying traffic as its quite an investment.

      -What’s in it for WCC? Why get only 50% by partnering when he can do everything by himself and get 100%?
      -Why are clicks so expensive?
      -What is the typical profit margin of a sale?
      – why only 1000+ members when this program has been around since 2010?
      – how do I manage my emails such that I don’t send my list the same email/s or products repeatedly?
      – how to ensure traffic orders don’t have duplicate names?


      1. Hi Eugine,

        Thanks for your comment and questions. Some of your questions are impossible for me to answer, but here goes:

        1 – They make money on monthly memberships – I presume this covers all their profit requirements, but I have no way of knowing, it’s their business.

        2 – I don’t think the traffic is so expensive, have you tried Udimi Solo ads? Also you have to consider the quality of the traffic. I have bought traffic at various sources, WCC’s seems pretty reasonably priced.

        3 – This depends on the product sold and how much you spend on traffic, it is impossible for me to answer this. You should know this over time when you work out your business figures.

        4 – No idea?

        5 – WCC take care of this, all you really gotta do is sit back or send the occasional broadcast of your own if you want.

        6 – I am not sure what you mean, do you mean click fraud? There is no way to guarantee it but it depends where WCC get their traffic. The thing with buying traffic is you need to be consistent. Sometimes you get results, sometimes you don’t. If you spend your time wondering why you aren’t making sales and giving up, you won’t get anywhere.

        Web Copycat is a system for people who don’t want to learn how to make sales funnels and build email lists etc. All of the things within Web Copycat can be done on your own. But expect to pay way more for the setup. Doing all that by yourself is not cheap, I know this because I was already doing email marketing before finding Web Copycat.

        For what they offer Web Copycat is superb value.

        Hope this helps,


    1. Hello,

      Yes, you will need to buy traffic packages to send traffic to the optin pages to build your email list. Also the membership changes after 10 days to $34.95.

      If you want something which is Free to join and where you can learn more about Online Business, maybe check out Wealthy Affiliate



        1. Hey Michele,

          You can stay a Free member for Life, upgrading is optional.

          As a free Member you get 2 hosted websites and access to the Basic training, there is no requirement to upgrade at all if you don’t wish to. However if you do upgrade, it will be a decision you will not regret. I have been a paid member for nearly 2 years and will continue to be for life – the benefits are Huge.

          Stay a Free member and dedicate yourself to learning everything you can, and if you like what you see, upgrade when you can.

          If WA is not for you, fair enough, walk away.


  2. Hi, you stated: Traffic isn’t cheap – although it is cheaper than most with WCC. What exactly are you referring to cost wise? I’ve purchased traffic before and have paid as much as $.30 a click where the seller sends 100 users to my site.

    1. Hi Dan,

      Once you sign up you can see how much the traffic is, the cost isn’t that bad from what I recall. I buy most of my traffic from Udimi these days though.


  3. Hi Dave,

    Interesting articles here and with valuable information. I’m so much interested in knowing more about web copy cat and the results that you got from it. initially I thought that you only test drive at $ 1 and then pay the monthly billing of $ 34.95. however it seems you have to get additional expenses for traffic which I wonder whether if consolidated can leave you some income. I’d appreciate if you can give me all the suggested sources of free traffic and one that can convert. I’d also be very grateful if you can guide me on how to sell on e bay through drop shipping coz it appears like its easier than all the other ways I’ve come across. Waiting for your reply.

    1. Hi Henry,

      Thanks for your comment. Yes with WCC you do have to buy traffic through them, and this does negatively offset your profits from the start, so it can be difficult to turn profit (or slower).

      In online business, there are two ways to get traffic, to pay for it, or to rank in google with articles that get organic search traffic. The latter takes more work and effort, hence why WCC has setup their system to help newbies and people who don’t want to put the work in.

      Personally, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate above WCC as it teaches you how to gain organic search traffic and build a real online presence. But if you want to buy traffic, I buy my traffic at Udimi Solo Ads, though I still work hard on ranking in Google as well.

      As for drop shipping, it can work but it requires finding the right suppliers. Once you have a good supplier, it is just a case of listing a lot of items on Ebay, and you will start to slowly make sales, more and more each day, providing you keep up with the listing.



  4. Hi,
    I am afraid that I will not be able to follow the instructions of the WCC . Is there anyone that will help my (by phone skype or other ways?)
    thanks erella

    1. Hi Erella,

      It is pretty straightforward, but if you need help you can pay extra to have Devon and his Team set it up for you.

      You can connect with me on Facebook or something if you want more advice or help?



    1. Hello S Kumar,

      My name is Dave not Devan 🙂

      You joined Wealthy Affiliate I see, follow the training and instructions and it will guide you through what to do.

      You can message me on WA anytime if you need help.



  5. Hello….I have listened to the promo + read information here but have no idea what level of earnings are probable relative to traffic purchased. If I buy / spend $100/day for traffic, what earnings can I expect? I take it the full outlay (excluding traffic) is…..1. $34.95/month for WCC + 2. $20/month for Autoresponder.

    1. Hi Leon,

      Thanks for your comment. Yes that outlay would be correct, but if you are buying $100 of traffic a day you would soon start to make daily sales.

      It is hard to say how much you will make, the thing with buying and traffic and list building is – that it takes time and consistency, and the results are completely random.

      When I buy traffic, sometimes I get a lot of people join my list but that’s it. Other times I buy traffic, and I get lots of people on my list, plus I make a few commissions. Next time, maybe I make a large commission, but after that nothing for weeks.

      It all boils down to consistency and never stopping. Eventually you turn the profit curve in your favour. Plus your list is getting bigger every time. You can promote anything to your list.

      Web Copycat are starting to do more higher ticket commission funnels, these are great because they can often swing the balance in your favour and wipe out all your expenditure in one fell swoop.

      I hope this helps, let me know how you get on.


  6. Will we be guided (at least just prompted in an email) in the steps Devon and the team will be taking. So that eventually as we learn and grow the business we can do it ourselves? Or will we just be able to see the sales and payments and not learn the process.

    1. Hi Mary,

      They are very transparent in the techniques, yes. They have a Facebook group where they teach marketing skills and how to effectively carry out your own email campaigns.

      You can either sign up and buy traffic and forget about it, or you can get as involved as you like and take command of your own business.

      If you choose the latter, they do offer guidance and support, in fact Devon encourages it!


  7. I would like to get started but don’t know how much the traffic is and I am on a slight budget buy I might cancel once the ten days is up.

    1. Hi Sheila,

      You can buy a small package and you don’t have to buy it regularly to start. Once you start making sales you will be able to increase the amount and frequency.

      If you cancel you can still be an affiliate for WCC and make $20 commissions for every $1 referral you make, which is fantastic.

      All the best in your journey.


  8. Dave – did I read right that with WCC, you HAVE TO buy traffic through them?. Can’t one source his/her own traffic?

    1. Hi Pablo,

      That’s correct. You have to buy the traffic within their system. This is partly how they make money to keep WebCopyCat alive.

      However as a member of WCC you can also promote WebCopycat as an affiliate whilst you follow their training and build your list and knowledge.

      If you want to source your own traffic, you care free to do this and promote products outside of WebcopyCat – but if you know how to do this then maybe a Done For You system is not for you. WCC is advertised as for Beginners who don’t want to have to source their own traffic etc.

      Hope this helps


      1. Hi Dave:

        Just heard back from WCC and they said buying their traffic is optional. You can source your traffic elsewhere and funnel into WCC directly – which makes more sense to me. Just thought you and others would like to know.

  9. Yes. This sounds very good…I hesitated getting started because I needed to know if we can buy our own traffic and not be limited through one source (WCC). This widens the margin (income) potential a great deal.

  10. I really like the idea of the system , however i’m afraid that i will just spend some money and won’t get any back then just give up , i did that in a lot of systems online , did you make money with it yet ? and how much time did it take you to make your first sale ?and what if i invested like about 200$ in this system for the membership and the traffic , would i get anything back ? like maybe at least 300$ in the first month maybe ?

    1. Hey HumanGuy,

      Thanks for your thoughts.

      I know what you mean, I have been there myself, even with WebCopycat – I quit after the first month as I was low on money – I re-joined later on and have no intention of stopping again.

      This is the mental challenge you must overcome when starting out in any Business. Your head tries to tell you that you are spending more than you are going to make. In reality you are to begin with – but you need to stick at it and get over that “Profit Curve”. Getting over that profit Curve is the hardest part, but once you start to tip the balance it gets so much easier to grow.

      Invest what you are comfortable, and in time begin to scale up. The most important thing is to never give up.

      If you never stop, the only thing that can happen is Growth. Just keep throwing traffic and build your list at whatever speed you can afford.

      I can’t say to you that by investing $200 you will make $300 – or anything at all – it depends on the people who see the offer and their internal buying decision. All I can say is that it will be money well spent on building your email list and business. With List building you could order 500 clicks and make no sales one week – but the next week make £300 from 300 clicks…it is totally un-predictable. And when your list gets big enough you could send a broadcast to your list for free and make money.

      In Summary – Go for it and just keep at it!

      Hope this helps


    1. Hello Quadri,

      I am pretty sure that they only integrate with Aweber. You can contact their support to ask, but I am 99% certain sorry.


    1. Hi Krupa,

      It starts from $97 for 90-105 clicks. I know it’s not th cheapest, but they let you buy it elsewhere and send it to the funnels if you prefer.


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