Zukul Ad Network: Scam or Real Deal?

What is Zukul Ad Network?

Let’s take a look and find out, in this Zukul Ad Network Review:


Zukul Ad Network Review

Product: Zukul Ad Network
Website: www.zukuladnetwork.com
Price: $1 to $250
Owner: Jeremy Rush and Michael Bloom
My Rating: 40 / 100

Zukul Ad Network released on April 1, 2016. During its prelaunch stage, 1000’s of people had already  become members, and the number is growing daily. The proprietors of the site are Jeremy Rush and Michael Bloom. They aren’t new in this subject and they have been running another famous site known as Zukul.

This time around, this program is much more of the revenue sharing platform. The website bridges between advertisers and marketers and, consequently, shares revenue with those who buy ad packs. Though I’m not an excellent supporter of revenue sharing websites that possess a low-quality product, The Zukul Ad Network product appears to be a lot better than other offerings. My #1 recommendation continues to be Wealthy Affiliate University because it’s been around over 10 years and it teaches you how to build a good online business.

There are various kinds of Ad Packs costing between $1 to $50, and also you earn between 120% to 150% in revenue in the Ad-Pack purchases. This program looks very promising and it has plans to remain for any couple of year, but don’t they all?

Should you take a look at traditional Revenue Share programs – the revenue to become shared relies upon purchases of recent Ad Packs  by other people. This will make them much more of a Ponzi business, but Zukul Ad Network differs, as they’ll be getting revenue in from multiple sources. This can sustain this program for years to come.

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How to Earn with Zukul Ad Network?

Revenue Share – There are various kinds of ad packs that the members can buy to participate in the revenue sharing platform.

Level 1 = Ad Packs Cost: $1 = Earnings: 120%
Level 2 = Ad Packs Cost: $3 = Earnings: 120%
Level 3 = Ad Packs Cost: $5 = Earnings: 125%
Level 4 = Ad Packs Cost: $7 = Earnings: 125%
Level 5 = Ad Packs Cost: $10 = Earnings: 130%
Level 6 = Ad Packs Cost: $15 = Earnings: 130%
Level 7 = Ad Packs Cost: $20 = Earnings: 135%
Level 8 = Ad Packs Cost: $30 = Earnings: 135%
Level 9 = Ad Packs Cost: $40 = Earnings: 140%
Level 10 = Ad Packs Cost: $50 = Earnings: 150%

You can begin from level 1 and before relocating to next stage, you must purchase 100 ad packs first. Furthermore, you are limited to 200 ad packs per level, except the last level, where one can retain 3000 ad packs.

Should you proceed to level 2, then you also pay a $3 monthly membership fee, $5 for level 3, $7 for level 4 and so forth.

Affiliate Commission

As part of this website you are able to refer as many folks as you desire and your reward is 10% referral commissions on purchases from their referrals. Should you not refer people, then you can also buy direct referrals. You’ve got the option to receive two referrals from within the Rotator System. This can fill your entire downline on auto-pilot.

From level 2 you’d be also able to take part in the three level affiliate program. The management hasn’t yet revealed the particulars.
Zukul Ad Network


Let’s consider a couple of examples:

Ad Pack Plan 1: Imagine you’re at level 1 and also have 100 ad packs. Your return on these ad packs is going to be $120. Then you have two referrals who’ve also bought 100 ad packs, which means this will reward you with affiliate commission of $10, $10 on both sides. Your overall return will end up as $140, and as you’ve invested $100 for buying 100 ad packs, your profit becomes $40.

zukul ad network scam

Ad Pack Plan 2: Imagine you’re at level 3 and also have 100 ad packs. Your return on these ad packs is going to be $360. Now you gain two referrals who’ve also bought 100 ad packs, which means this will reward you with affiliate commissions of $30, $30 ($300 x 10%) on both sides. In level two additionally, you will be able to earn a 3 level affiliate downline, which means this will enable you to get $1.18. Your overall return will end up $421.18, as you’ve invested $303 ($300 for ad packs and $3 for the monthly membership fee), thus your profit becomes $120.

zukula ad network ad pack

A Few Things which Appealed:

Earning Potential

Zukul Ad Network has great earning potential, also it provides a great roi on its advertising packs. THese programs are always good for individuals who have spare cash to play with using online rev shares. To tell the truth, this really is not as stable and solid as many believe, but people searching for any short-term opportunity, this can actually not be a bad solution.

Their comp plan is extremely lucrative, and when you refer many people, it increase the earning possibilities. Traditional revenue sharing platforms typically pay out determined by the sales of ad packs – but Zukul Ad Network are searching for revenue streams from multiple sources. If not perfect, ZAN is among the better revenue sharing platforms available.

Experienced Admin

Jeremy Rush knows what he’s doing and he has been involved in a number of other good platforms. The Revenue sharing market is evolving daily and up until now ZAN seems appealing over the majority. The integrity of this system may be readily judged from the joining in excess of 50,000 individuals to the website inside a short time.

A Few Things which Didn’t Appeal:

A Medium-Term Business Design

Should you take a look at other revenue sharing platforms – they mostly survive for three to six month, and Traffic Monsoon is among one of the better sites that have been around for over a year, but they are also facing issues with PayPal. ZAN attempts to improve this model, and could well survive for a couple of years if something random doesn’t happen first.

Though they’re adding new revenue streams, nonetheless they’re largely dependent on sales of ad packs, and if people stop buying them, there would be barely any revenue to share with it’s members.

Product Issue

Much like other revenue sharing sites, people will join this website because of it’s passive earnings opportunity. We will see if ZAN are to include more features and quality, which will make them more sustainable.

My Conclusion:

Is Zukul Ad Network a scam?
I don’t think ZAN is a scam, maybe just a little over ambitious, if anything.

Zukul Ad Network appears to be a greater addition to the revenue sharing systems out there. It is good for individuals seeking  extra cash and earning a passive income. But don’t over expect out of this system – because there are plenty of issues that should be considered.

If you still wish to proceed with ZAN, then only put an amount of money in which you can easily afford to lose. Withdraw that amount as soon as you can, then you are free to operate with the profits.

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This article has 4 Comments

  1. The Zukul ad network looks like a great deal of work for a small amount of return. Is it worth the amount of money to invest in the program? Do they help you create ads? I am glad you shared the information on the program.
    Your insight will help others to create a workable plan to start their own business.

    1. Hi Patty,

      Thanks for your comment. Yes indeed. Well, it is a rev share traffic exchange, so you have to surf 10 ads a day to qualify for the revenue sharing. But with it’s tiered ad packs and membership fees, you would have to work at it a long time to make it a profitable venture. They don’t help with advertising to my knowledge, you have to come up with the content and your site would go in the Traffic Exchange and be seen by other Zukul members. I have experience with quite a few Traffic Exchanges, and it is very rare I get signups by using them. Paid traffic is always going to be the best converting, and convenient, but obviously comes at a cost.


  2. I am not familiar with revenue sharing systems. Beyond that are the Ad Packs actually Ad packs? Do they advertise an opportunity of your choice?

    1. Hi Tony,

      Yes, they send x amount of visitors to a website which you input into the traffic exchange. They tend to be page impressions, which are only shown to other users using the Exchange, doing their daily 10 clicks to stay revenue share qualified. If you do not click 10 ads, your ad packs do not earn revenue profits. But I find the quality of visitors is poor because of this reason, people aren’t seeking out a new opportunity, they are clicking their ads to get paid. I have been in Traffic Monsoon almost a year now and barely have any signups from the Traffic Exchange.


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