Well, I predicted this day would come, I just didn’t expect it to be so soon!

Amazing5 have STOPPED PAYING.

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Hey there, I'm Dave Dixon, and I am the founder of

It is my aim to help others avoid online scams and to learn how to Make Money Online.

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  1. Thanks Dave!

    If not for you I would have lost it all.
    I got $24 out of them and then withdrew my initial $100 just in time.
    Wow. That was fast.

    1. Anytime Hostile177, You are welcome.

      Glad I helped you out! Yes it shut down quicker than I anticipated…

      I hope everyone knows how to identify scams like this now!



  2. I don’t know about Amazing5, I’ve never looked into it. But Emoneyglobal specifically says that it isn’t a business and you shouldn’t invest money into it thinking that you will actually make money. I think that’s pretty clear. I didn’t read further into what the company actually did, because I hit that warning. Since I’m looking for ways to make money online. I figured it wasn’t for me. But yeah, it literally states right in its “Ideology” page that it isn’t a place you should invest in, if you sole purpose is to make money online.

    Also, I see another guy above commenting that he made $24 off the system (whatever the system is) before he pulled out of Amazing5. So, how is that a scam if he made money? Especially if the idea of the system that they were presenting was exactly like Emoneyglobal…. I’m just wondering…

    1. Hi Steve,

      I don’t know about E Money Global so I have no idea.

      I do know that deciding if something is a scam or not based off of people getting paid is not an effective way to make a judgement.


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