Cash Downline Builder Review

Cash Downline Builder is a Free System designed to help you earn up to 25 Income Streams. Yes, 25!

 Cash Downline Builder Review


Owner: Alonzo Brown

Cost: FREE

Overall Rating: 9/10 

What is Cash Downline Builder?

Cash Downline Builder is a Free System which was created by Alonzo Brown (seen in the welcome video below from the homepage). The system is designed to help you earn money online by joining up to 25 income streams and plugging them into his system.

Why plug them in? Well, once you do, you will have One link which you can then use to promote all 25 income streams. This is clearly more convenient than promoting 25 different links, right? Right. Learn more about how it works, in this Cash Downline Builder Review.

How Does Cash Downline Builder Work?

Now, as a new member of Cash Downline Builder, you would be expected to join as many of the 25 programs which Alonzo has chosen as possible. This in turn also applies to the people you refer to Cash Downline Builder – but when they join the 25 programs, they join under YOU.

So, there is potential here to build 25 income streams all at once, since the new people who join Cash Downline Builder are obliged to do the same to maximize their earnings too.

Although the Cash Downline Builder itself is completely Free – you will need to pay to upgrade in some of the programs in the list if you are to see any real results. So, if you are expecting a free ride to success, there is no such thing. In business, you have to spend money to make money. The costs are however relatively low, and once you have upgraded in the ones which Alonzo recommends, you can start earning commissions immediately.

Which Programs are in Cash Downline Builder?

You can promote up to 30 in total, which is plenty. This also includes if you plugin 5 other businesses which you may be in. The entire list is below, I have highlighted in Red the ones I chose to join and upgrade in. Just because I never joined a program, it doesn’t mean it is not worth it, I just chose not to at this time.

1.) Leased Ad Space = 100% Instant Pay

2.) TopSurfer Ad Portal = 100% Instant Pay

3.) Cash In On Banners = 100% Instant Pay

4.) Grow Your List & Income = 100% Instant Pay

5.) City Penny Saver = 100% Instant Pay

6.) O2 Worldwide = Serious Weekly Income

7.) 4 Corners Alliance Group = Weekly Income

8.) ClixSense = Traffic and Weekly Income

9.) BuildaBizOnline = Tools & Residual Income

10.) All In One Profits = 100% Residual Income

11.) LeadsLeap = Leads and Residual Income

12.) ResidualIncomeTV = Weekly Residual Income

13.) VTrafficRush = Traffic, Leads & Weekly Income

14.) BucketsofBanners = Traffic & Residual Income

15.) 12 Second Commute = Tools & Weekly Income

16.) Global Domains = Weekly and Residual Income

17.) MyPayingAds = Web Traffic and Daily Income

18.) TrafficAdBar = Web Traffic & Residual Income

19.) Really Simple System = Instant Commissions

20.) Chew The Fat Off = Weekly Residual Income

21.) Social Media Traffic Exchange = Weekly Pay

22.) IBO Toolbox

23.) MLM Gateway

24.) EasyHits4U

25.) Wealthy Affiliate

There are also a bunch of other tools which Alonzo recommends which are optional. In fact all of the programs are optional, but obviously, the more you do join – the more you could earn as an affiliate. And Alonzo points out, if you don’t upgrade in the programs, you will not make as much if any money at all from them. So make sure to upgrade where possible to avoid this.

Some of these programs I was already a member of, so I didn’t have to sign up again. Once you have joined a program there is a box for you to enter your affiliate ID within the Cash Downline Builder, and that’s all you have to do for each one.

That’s all there is to the system, you join all of the programs, and you put your referral ID’s into the relevant boxes. Alonzo does a good job of guiding you through each page with tons of instructional Videos.

What If You Need Help?

There is a ticketing system you can use to Contact Alonzo directly at any time from the website once you join.

And also, if you are completely new to all this, and you joined Cash Downline Builder, and wondered what the
heck you do next – Alonzo has tons of helpful content to guide you over at the Cash Downline Builder Team Website: It’s a huge social Networking page where you can mingle with other members, find daily motivation, learn new skills on how to advertise and promote and more.

And as a Bonus – should you join Cash Downline Builder with me as your Sponsor – I will be here whenever you need any help or advice.

If you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you can also find me there too:


So, will Cash Downline Builder help you make money online? Absolutely. If you are already in Multiple Programs, you can simply plug those in and start using a SINGLE link to promote them all at once. The beauty of this system, is that you can join as many of the 25 programs as you wish – the more you join, the more you have the potential to earn.

I recommend CDB to anybody who wants to start making serious money online, it is by far one of the best Free systems I have come across in years, and will be the only system I promote going forward (because I am in fact promoting ALL my programs with it!).

It’s clear to see that in time, Cash Downline Builder could build you a steady residual income which has the potential to change your life. This along with the fact the system is FREE, is why I rate it so highly.

Join Today by clicking the banner Below:

Thanks for reading my Cash Downline Builder Review, and leave any questions or thoughts about Cash Downline Builder below.

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This article has 6 Comments

  1. Hi Dave,
    CDB looks interesting, if you are an affiliate marketer, the one affiliate link for all programs is a good idea. Why you would need so many i don’t know, unless you have multiple websites.
    If you put 25-30 links on one website, it could turn people off from buying.
    Thanks for the review, i might have a look.

    1. Hey Greg,

      Thanks for our comment. Yes, it especially appealed to me because of the convenience of using One Links for promoting all your Programs.

      Plus, a lot of the programs in the CDB system are especially useful for getting traffic and exposure for your businesses too. On top of that, all these programs have great earning potential, may of which are instant 100% payments.

      Once it’s all plugged in, all you have to worry about is getting people to see your One link. It’s not a walk in the park – no business is, but it’s certainly easier than promoting 30 links!



  2. Dave in all honesty I usually detest this type of thing. I just hear things like “downline builder” and I want to run for the hills. That said I know you and I trust your judgement so when I saw your post on Facebook I had to come and check out your review.

    I’ll wait a bit and check in with you to see what you have to say about it in a few months. I am hardly spending any time on my online marketing website lately anyway since my mommy blog has just gotten so crazy busy for me! I hope you find great success with this!

    1. Hey Lynne,

      I know what you mean, but there was a similar system by Alonzo Brown which I was in a few years back and it did pretty well.

      I know a few people in CDB who I trust, and I was already a member of a lot of the programs in the system, and as it is free it made sense to use it to promote all my businesses. I also joined some new programs which help to generate more traffic too.

      Great to hear your Mommy Blog is going good! All the best Lynne!


  3. Hi there and thank you for sharing this. helpful réview about CDB. I have account and I want to upgrade but unfortunately PayPal cashout method used by some of my preferred programs is thé big issue to me because PayPal is restricted in my country. Only Payza payout is available here. I have asked this question to thé Founder on Messenger and his reply is not arrived yet.


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