Is USI-Tech a Scam? I Believe So.



A lot of people are Promoting this Bitcoin Trading System known as USI-Tech. I decided to take a closer look to find out if it is for real, or just another Ponzi in disguise…

Who are USI-Tech?

It’s hard to say from the info on the website who they are, but their blurb reads:

“USI-TECH is a technology company which specializes in the development of automated trading software in the FOREX market.”

More text reveals that they have spent 7 years developing an automated trading software system which:

“In numerous intensive tests consistently outstanding results were achieved, in practice, with excellent profits.”

Right, sure.

First Impressions

is usi tech a scam

When I first visited the website of USI-Tech, within 1 minute I was convinced it is a Scam.

The web page is practically a single page, all the headers at the top just take you down the single page. There is not a lot of information on the website at all, and there is no indication as to who Owns or Runs USI-Tech.

From the Cheesy Presentation Video, to the basic and lacking information on the site, it didn’t take long
to figure out that this is just another Ponzi in disguise.

The URL for the site is USI-Tech.Info.

Really? they registered a .info web address for a supposedly legit Bitcoin trading system? That is red flag number 1 right there.

Okay, so even a .info website can be legit, but it is not a good start really. So, I looked into the information and was given this:

who is usi tech

Okay, so the domain is registered in Dubai to a “Mr Francesco R. Fusco”. I took the address and put it into Google Maps:

usi tech google map

Not much can be taken from this, for a start the Google Map image is from 2014, and even if it was recent, this could well be their location, or just where the domain was registered.

What confused me a little, was that the address shown on their website is a PO box: “USI – TECH Limited P.O Box 122036 Dubai UAE” 

Google Map this to the one above and…

usi tech po box

So, Who actually runs the Company?

This is proving quite hard to figure out. I did a bit of research on Youtube, and came across a guy promoting USI-Tech called “OJ Jordan”.

He has videos with interviews with who he claims is a CEO and co-owner called “Ralf Gold”:

A little read of some Comments reveals:

Okay, so apparently “Joao Severino” is the Owner, and he has a tarnished past. Great.

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Are there any Terms and Conditions on the website?

Well, yes there is, but to find them is one thing…

To understand them is, well…dependant on your German Skills.

usi tech german terms


Okay, so what do USI-Tech Offer?

I’ve got this far and not even explained what they offer. Do I really need to? is it not easy to see what is going on here?

NO TRADING is going on here. USI-Tech is recycling money from previous members and using this to pay the new members. Classic Ponzi style.

But anyway, by now you have probably guessed, there are no products offered by USI-Tech. Well, not real products anyway, affiliates make money by referring others to come and buy “Ad Packs” Starting at 50 Euros.

USI-Tech claims their software trading system runs on the MT4 Trading Software. From Wikipedia:

“MetaTrader 4, also known as MT4, is an electronic trading platform widely used by online retail foreign exchange speculative traders. It was developed by MetaQuotes Software and released in 2005. The software is licensed to foreign exchange brokers who provide the software to their clients”

The Compensation Plan

Firstly, to join USI-Tech as an affiliate costs you a whopping €600 EUR.

USI-Tech offer a 3×12 matrix plan for commissions. To qualify, you must bring 3 members into the game.

The plan places affiliates at the top of the matrix, with 3 positions directly below. Subsequent levels in the matrix are generated in the same way with a complete 3×12 hosting 797,160 positions.

What does this resemble? Yup, a pyramid.

usi tech pyramid
€150 out of the €600 EUR that each new member pays, is paid as Matrix commissions.

This is split into twelve smaller payments of €12.50 each and paid up to twelve matrix levels

There are also broker commissions which are paid using the same matrix as above. 25% of the brokerage fee is paid to the recruiting affiliate. The other 75% is split into twelve payments and paid out via the 3×12 matrix.

The Platform is linked to Royal Financial Trading, a third party broker based in Australia. This is mandatory and forms the brokerage fees.


USI-Tech comes in two halves. The so called Trading side, and the MLM pyramid. The Forex trading side has nothing to do with the MLM side.

Whether the Forex trading works or not remains to be seen, but it is clear to me that the MLM side of the business is an outright Pyramid Scheme.

As with all pyramid Schemes, once recruitment slows down – USI-Tech will fail. Even if you manage to profit from the trading, any affiliate which doesn’t make €600 EUR with the matrix recruitment will lose out.

Avoid at all costs.

Video Summary:

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Thanks for reading, I would love to hear your thoughts on USI-Tech, please comment below!

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  1. I fully agree with you here. The guys running this seem really sketchy, and whole concept stinks of an MLM. Why the hell would it cost you $600 just to become an affiliate? Surely the whole point of being an affiliate is for them to pay you money, not the other way round? I think anybody with half a brain should steer well clear of this product.

    1. Hey Jack,

      Thanks for your input. I know what you mean – the whole business of USI-Tech is built on bringing in fresh recruits – once that slows down it will collapse.

      Lots of people are going to lose a ton of money to this Scam, and I will do what I can to minimize that number.


  2. Wow Dave You really did your homework here. Amazing and really helpful. It not only exposes this particular scam but also how to go about researching others. Did you ever think about becoming a Private Eye?! haha. Do you regard all MLM organisations as scams? Someone once told me to distinguish between Pyramid schemes which are scams with no product and MLM which is a legitimate way of selling real products. What is your advice? Thanks again Positively Keith

    1. Hi Keith,

      Thanks, yeah I went to work a bit on this one. My Youtube video has a lot of negative action from all the blind sheep which follow USI-Tech.

      I posted about a similar Ponzi a few years back called Amazing 5 – I had so much hate thrown at me for months – until the Ponzi collapsed and everybody came back to tell me I was right! 

      Maybe I should become a Private Eye!

      Ponzi’s tend to have no product yes, but sometimes MLM’s with products can also be scams – Forever Living for example – as exposed by Master scam buster Ethan Vanderbult – HERE.

      I don’t think all MLM’s are scams, but a lot of them tend to be, just be prepared to do your research and don’t get your hopes up if you join one.


    2. i have never found an mlm so far that is not a scam. it’s best to stay away from all mlm’s. if you are good enough you can take away everyone elses money but there will be a lot of people that comes in at the bottom that will be paying the people at the top. there will not be that many at the top but the ones that make it there will make it big. i choose not to steel from latecomers myself so i avoid mlm’s.

      1. Hey ken,

        This is very true. The big hitters who already have a huge following profit big time and the people they bring in are promised the world but end up with nothing.


      2. I thought people actually knew what they were talking about until i read this comment.. what an ignorant one lol.

        When you come across some comment like this but you started from the bottom of an mlm company and made it to the top with hard work and dedication and being a window cleaner 7 years ago… you then realize no matter how BIG the 200 B$ mlm indusrty becomes.. you still will get haters like Kenny… NFL 16B$ a year no scam.. Videogaming industry 85 B$/year industry not a scam… Movie industry 70 B$/year not a scam… MLM 200 B$/year… all scams…… what a joke.

        Not saying USI-tech is or is not… im not even interested in any of their business… but this comment was to stupid for me to ignore.

        Sorry Ken but a ponzi is a ponzi.. MLM is MLM…. get the differences yet?

      3. Ken there are a ton of mlm’s that are not scams, for you not to find one exposed your lack of ability to do due diligence I’ll give you a few of the top of my head
        Tupperware , avon, Mary Kay , amway, juenesse all of those earn over a billion a year each

  3. Hello Dave,
    thanks for your informations about USI. A friend of mine told me about that business. He said , he is now one of the Top 100 leaders and will quit his job and the end of the year. USI is now his passion…I think that MLM in combination with investment will never work, it is not a long-term business. Due to your recommendation I will not enter this business.

    1. Hey Michael,

      Sorry to hear about your friend. I hope he wises up and realises what USI Tech really is before he quits his Job.

      You are right, there is no shortcut to online success – your friend should focus on creating a business of his own instead of relying on Pyramid schemes. Hopefully he will learn from this.

      Thanks for dropping by,


  4. Well known scammers such as Mark Ghobril are involved with some pretty heavy promoting of this – if that’s not a red flag I don’t know what is. Since his Banners Brokers days, Mr Ghobril has been involved in some pretty dire programmes – I may be wrong, but I’m pretty sure everything he’s promoted no longer exists! I don’t know what his role is in USI-tech but I saw a video where he is listed as a founding member. That’s enough info for me to give it a wide berth!
    And now Sharon James is on the case … oh dearie, dearie me.

    1. Hi Rebecca,

      Yes, this is not good at all. Sharon James is a prolific Scammer here in the UK, she scammed many in the Traffic Monsoon debacle.

      I can’t believe she is not behind bars.


  5. Hi, have you tried them out at all? I only ask because a lot of these sites that “expose” people actually earn a living from advertising on their page. I’d use some of that income to actually work the programme so your review can be first hand. You haven’t mentioned that they also mine for alt coins to buy into Bitcoin. I do know people in it who are doing well. So I’m researching, as anyone would, between the good and bad reviews to see how I personally think about the whole thing. The best review I’ve seen is a guy on YouTube who actually does cryptocurrencies with all different companies and he says this USI-tech is the best one of the bunch. More believable because he’s actually showing viewers his screens as he’s talking it all through and he’s making a living to the point he’s given his job up. I’ve also seen reviews where people are just taking a passive income and showing their you around their computer screens. So although your review and own opinion is full of interesting screenshots and your own thoughts, you really haven’t helped at all.

    1. Hi Julie,

      I did sign up, but I have not put ay money into it. It is clearly a Ponzi scam and I refuse to lose money to it.

      Just because people are making money from it and giving up their Jobs, does not mean it is Legal or that it will last.

      I’m sorry my review wasn’t enough to warn you off, I guess your mind is made up.


  6. Diligence is the word! I was contacted today via a connection on LinkedIn, trying to promote a cryptocurrency business?! Yep, you guessed, it was USI-Tech!

    I took a quick look into it, and pretty much decided, after just a couple of minutes – it wasn’t for me. Then after trawling the net, my concerns were confirmed. Greetings from the UK 🙂

    1. Hey Martyn,

      Yep – USI tech was highly promoted by known Ponzi Scammers. Their website and lack of transparency made it clear to me it was a Ponzi Scam.

      I bet the people behind it are already on their way to obscurity with everyones money, won’t be long until they start a new scam.

      Thanks for dropping by!


  7. i dont understand, just because u dont believe in it or the man behind it u think its a scam?

    the model is simple, they make more then 1% a day with trading with your money and u get around 1%,

    they are working great for a long time… how did u got to a conclusion that its a scam?

    1. Amoya,

      If you read my article you would see it was based on a lot more than that.

      It’s collapsing in the USA and it’s just a matter of time until it shuts down and the owners run away with everyones money.


  8. Dave, spot on. Lol, I find it funny how people are defending USI tech. It’s a text book pyramid and scam. If you don’t believe, by all means please sell all your assets and send them to USI tech. After all you’ll make 140% back at least!!! 🙊😂please send as much money as you can and don’t forget to sign up your closest friends and family to it too. Make sure they invest big to get big returns. If people are that dumb, they deserve to lose all their money. Seriously Amoya get your head checked

    1. Hey Adam,

      Thanks for your comment. Yeah, I saw it coming almost a year ago, I have had so much flak from these desperate souls, desperate to protect their daily returns and their deluded retirement plans.

      It’s a shame really, but there is only one way they will learn – the hard way.


  9. Hi to all, I have found all of this very interesting, as I have done very well out of USI. I have not recruited people as I am only interested in crypto projects for myself. What I am finding is that people are quite jealous when they find out it lives up to what it says – they want it to believe it will not and hate to hear my experience. I put in $5000 Australian only in August last year and already have withdrawn that capital back out in the interest it has paid me. So from now on I cannot lose, only gain. What do I have left in there – this is the bit you’ll hate. I have exactly the same amount of packages as I commenced with (even with my initial money back). So in another 6 months I will have withdrawn over $3000 more in the interest paid- well you withdraw Bitcoin actually – so depending on what happens there it may be double that. Anyway, there will still be those not believing it is that easy. And yes it may crash at any time but so can most other things.

    1. Hi mel,

      Im glad you got your deposit out, but USI tech is a Scam and will soon be found as such, they will not last much longer.



  10. I logged a case against USI with the SEC as well as Dubai Police Fraud division.
    I found their company registration : C208878833-LRMS in Dubai.

    I included all the personal (where they live and personal mobile numbers) details I could find on every damn owner/director I could find linked to USI-TECH.

    They stole my money, I want them behind bars!

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