SEC v Traffic Monsoon – Peggy Hunt Takes Over

Details have recently emerged of the individual who is taking on Traffic Monsoon as the Receiver.

Her name is Peggy Hunt and she works for a company called Dorsey, here is her profile page on their website:

Traffic Monsoon v Sec



You can find more information about the case and how to contact Peggy HERE.


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Is it Possible to Get a Traffic Monsoon Refund?

There is an FAQ on the above page, read it carefully. This explains the process yet it is impossible to determine a timeline or confirm anything until The Courts proceedings are completed, of course. I have copied the FAQ below for your quick reference:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Receiver?
The Receiver is the individual who assumes responsibility for all assets in receivership in the action brought by the SEC. She is responsible for investigating how the business was operated and where all of the assets are located. Ultimately, the Receiver will determine the amounts owed to individual creditors and will distribute available assets in accordance with a plan approved by the Court.
2. What happened at Traffic Monsoon?
On July 26, 2016, the Securities and Exchange Commission filed a Complaint in the United States District Court for the District of Utah against Traffic Monsoon, LLC, a Utah limited liability company, and Charles David Scoville. The Court entered a Temporary Restraining Order, an Order Freezing Assets, and an Order Appointing Receiver. Peggy Hunt of Dorsey & Whitney LLC has been appointed the Receiver in this matter.
3. I cannot log into my account, when will I be able to?
Pursuant to a Court order Traffic Monsoon is not legally allowed to operate, accounts have been locked and assets have been frozen.
4. Does this mean I won’t be getting my revenue payout?
Not at this time as all assets have been frozen.
5. I thought that Traffic Monsoon had access to our payouts that have been held in PayPal?
All Traffic Monsoon assets have been frozen pursuant the Court’s order.
6. Can I get my money back now?
No, pursuant the Court’s order. All funds must remain frozen until the Court authorizes otherwise.
7. Will I get all of my money back?
It is too soon to determine how much investors will receive or when. The Receiver is working to protect the assets in receivership, but there is no way to predict at this early date how much will be returned or when that will happen.
8. How can I stay informed of progress in this case?
The Receiver has established a special website,, that will be updated on a regular basis.
9. How do I notify the Receiver that I was a customer/investor?
You can email the Receiver, Peggy Hunt of Dorsey & Whitney LLC, at
10. If I have other questions, how can I get them answered?
You can email the Receiver at
11. Should I hire a lawyer?
While we cannot provide you legal advice, you certainly have the right to hire or consult with your own lawyer. As authorized by the Court, however, the Receiver will be investigating all potential claims or methods of recovery that she can bring for the benefit of investors.
12. Should I send copies of my papers proving that I am an investor to the Receiver?
Not at this time. The Receiver will be sending letters to investors as she learns more during her investigation which will provide further instruction.
13. Is the Receiver my lawyer?
No. The Receiver is an agent of the Court and is effectuating the Court’s orders. The Receiver will, however, be investigating potential claims or methods of recovery that she can bring for the benefit of investors.
14. Is it possible that the temporary restraining order will be lifted and Traffic Monsoon will begin operating again?
It is too soon to predict whether the temporary restraining order will be lifted and Traffic Monsoon will begin operating again. For now, based on the Court’s orders, Traffic Monsoon is not operating.
15. How long does this normally take?
There is no set timeline but you can expect that it will take some time to sort out.
16. Can I see the Complaint and Orders?
Yes. These can be found at, under “Key Court Documents.”
17. Will Charles Scoville be arrested?
Criminal charges are not the responsibility of the Receiver. That will be determined by appropriate government authorities.
18. I have information for the SEC, who can I reach out to there?
If you have information related to the investigation, please email Ms. Hunt at

Meanwhile in Social Media Land…

There are a lot of people who still support Charles despite what he has done and put everyone through, Several Times.

Some members have even gone to the lengths of creating a new Traffic Monsoon website (although not really functional at all) –

The above domain was registered on the 8th of August, and appears to be a carbon copy of the original site. Although only the front page works right now. I have seen posts on Facebook about people who have managed to login and see their pending Ad packs. This suggests that the Data has come from somebody within Traffic Monsoon.

All over the Traffic Monsoon Facebook groups, this is getting pushed onto members as an official site which was setup using safeguards which kick in, in the event of Charles Scovilles death.

How ridiculous.

Naturally I have tipped off Peggy Hunt about this, and I have also informed her that lots of Charles’ loyal Lemmings Followers are still scamming everybody by asking for DONATIONS to support Charles’ legal battle! Unbelievable.

Don’t fall for it guys. Avoid Anything and anybody to do with Traffic Monsoon, and follow the SEC case closely on the website above.

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Have you been affected by this insane scam? I would love to hear from you, please leave a comment below

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  1. My name is Ray Parisen and I have affair amount of money in this scam.Lets say to the tune of about $8700.I don’t think I will ever see any of that again.Dave if you can give me any info on this I would sure appreciate any advise or comments that you have.Thank you so much for your time,I consider this a total loss,but we shall .God bless you and thank you. Sincerely Ray Parisen

    1. Hi Ray,

      Sorry to hear this, I lost a lot of money to Traffic Monsoon myself.

      I don’t think there’s anything we can do, so sorry you were tricked into this scam.


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