Is Amazing 5 a Scam? Amazing5 Review

March 15, 2016

  Another HYIP has hit the internet – Amazing5. Amazing5 has been around since October 2015, but has started to recently grow in popularity. Let’s take a close look and find out what makes Amazing5 so Amazing… Welcome to my Amazing5 Review, where we will be tackling the number one question on my mind –   Is Amazing 5 a Scam? Name – Amazing5 Limited CEO – Noah Tucker /…


Recyclix Scam? Invest in Waste. Yup. Waste.

October 25, 2015

Last week I stumbled across an ad for Recyclix. Who are Recyclix? Recyclix is a real recycling company based in Poland and Latvia, they have strong connections with local municipal authorities and have a positive track record in collecting, recycling and sales of various items from plastic bags to plastic tubing. The business has been established for 3 years. Their key objective is to is “to smartly fuse together the…