Tom Kent’s Flip Your Money SCAM CONFIRMED!


I made a video on Youtube about this BS Scam a while back.

I never posted it here, but it got a lot of attention – mostly from Tom’s cult like followers or “admins” of the “Groups” and so on.

Well, today I heard from a few people, that Tom has vanished. Tom Kent’s Flip Your Money Scam is now CONFIRMED.

Tom’s gone. With a whole lotta people’s money.

I take no pleasure in saying…I told you so. Here is a quick video update:

Forget these Bull**it Ponzi’s, learn how to make a REAL Online Business for YOURSELF:

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  1. Actually – he is still there !! There was a problem with his profile – but its back now. The other one was a fake profile and that one was taken care of too.

    1. Hey J,

      Yes I know, I have given up on this thieving scumbag and moved on. I am aware of a “Victims of Tom Kent” support group on Facebook too, which aim to try help bring this douchebag to justice. I hope they are successful.


  2. AWWW go cry, keep it coming. I do updates in my facebook to my loyal members, you guys judge the wrong side because you dont have access to any of my updates. Keep crying, i don’t care about anyone of you HATERS!!!

    Come meet up with me and talk to me about your issues, i will come and even fly to meet you sad ass.

    1. Wow, The “man” himself or one of his goons pretending to be him?

      I had long since forgotten of your sad existence.

      Not Crying Tom, since I wasn’t one of your poor victims. And not interested in your Scam update group.

      Yup, we are Haters. We Hate Scam Artists.


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